What Does a Good Partner Experience Look Like?

This is an excerpt from a webinar hosted by PartnerPath – “Increasing Sales Through Partner Experience”. James Hodgkinson, CEO/Founder of 360ecosystems is leading a discussion on the importance of the partner experience above all else.

With partner ecosystems, 360ecosystems acts as a middleware of simplicity, connecting partners to only what they need when they need it. 360ecosystems perspective is that engagement will flourish if you can extract the user from the underlying complexity and focus only on fulfilling individual partner needs.

In this video you will also hear from a 360ecosystems client, Tanium, who just recently launched phase 1 of their partner portal experience. Cindi Johnson, Director Global Partner Programs, describes why the experience is configured in the way that it is and how 360ecosystems enables her to do that easily and at the speed of the business.