Webinfinity in Avereteks Office Hours

Missed our channel marketing partner Averetek's latest Office Hours? We invite you to take the next 20 minutes to join the recording and experience the latest thinking and brainstorming around chantech and its leapfrog into the connected apps space.

Tackling the everyday challenges channel professionals face

There from the very beginning of the birth of chantech, James Hodgkinson and the team at Webinfinity have brought to life a world of possibilities in the channel using technology as a way to enable and replicate the accelerated rate of change found in consumer markets:

  • Visualize your channel ecosystem as a workspace, not a website, partner portal or marketing program
  • Address priorities in the order that they matter to the business, configuring the technology to your business strategy
  • Collaborate and connect with your partners, building a relationship rather than transacting with them

We're eager to demonstrate the possibilities to you. Please join us for our weekly demo or contact us for a 1:1 experience at sales@360ecosystems.com. For more information, download our white paper.