Powering Partner, Customer and Employee Engagement.

The 360ecosystems Ecosystem Engagement Management Platform is purpose-built to intelligently and continuously automate engagement across a complex partner, employee and/or customer ecosystem.

This solution brief gives you a pinpointed view into the value delivered by the engine for your next business portal – guaranteed user engagement, less cost and risk, fast time to market and infinite flexibility. It these sound like what you need for your business portal, download this brief to share with your team.

The 360ecosystems Engagement Management Platform is designed to deliver:

  • Guaranteed engagement with significant pre-built features and functions that automatically power personalization for each player in the ecosystem. 
  • Fast time to market with minimized execution or quality risk based on proven technology, implementation and ongoing adoption methodology.
  • Less cost with the elimination of costly build cycles born by enterprise IT groups.
  • Infinite flexibility with a ready-to-run architecture that infinitely scales, integrates system of record and best-of-breed applications through its connector framework.
360ecosystems Engagement Automation Engine Solution Brief