Webinar: The 4 ‘Deadly Sins’ of Partner Program Management and How to Fix Them

With each year, it gets more challenging for partner sales and marketing teams to engage partners and move them from recruitment to high producers. The rise of subscription and SaaS models, new partner types, the explosion of suppliers competing for partner mindshare, and limited partner team resources all tempt us down paths of partner neglect and unfulfilled revenue targets.

The good news is that as these factors have arisen, so has the science of partner engagement and enablement best practices, and the capability of technology to drive it.

Join recognized partner program veterans and advisors Gary Morris of Successful Channels and Chris Becwar of Webinfinity to learn the 4 most common areas where partner teams repeatedly fail in driving joint revenue growth, and how these ‘sins’ can be easily avoided.

In this webinar, you will learn cutting edge strategies to:

  1. Increase the percentage of partners contributing substantial revenue
  2. Grow partner commitment, engagement and loyalty
  3. Generate more partner-led deals
  4. Build more engaged and loyal partners