Virtual Event Coordination

Virtual events are now a staple of most enterprises and the companies that do the best job of managing these events will have a significant competitive advantage.

Webinfinity provides a highly flexible and infinitely configurable workflow engine that enables the easy design and implementation of collaborative business processes such as:

  • Partner to vendor deal registration
  • Partner to vendor marketing funds management (online funding requests)
  • Customer to vendor product trial request approval
  • Vendor to partner marketing lead assignment and acceptance

Use Cases

Extreme Networks

Partner Enablement Hub

Because Extreme Networks is partner-driven, it works diligently to make it ever easier for its partners to sell across its broad product and solution portfolio. Partner success is the primary focus.


  • Needed a portal to be responsive to partners at the speed of the business
  • Needed to deliver unique and relevant experiences to partners at different levels
  • Needed to ensure that partners receive the content that is most relevant to them and what they are trying to do
  • Needed to make it easy for partners to find what what they need to effectively cross-sell the Extreme portfolio


  • Launch of a portal that is bi-directionally integrated with the company’s Salesforce CRM as well as with the company SAML SSO
  • Partner Account Managers are able to track their performance through dashboards on the portal and to prepare QBRs with their managers
  • Unique partner program managers can easily curate relevant assets associated with their programs for sales reps and partners

Extreme Networks Screenshot


  • Strong evidence that partners are finding what they need
  • Future evolution of the portal will include integrated partner business planning, automated onboarding, current and new feature enhancements
  • Extending publishing responsibilities to SMEs and field personnel to expand content creation and reach


Thales Partner Hub

The Thales Data Security Partner Program includes comprehensive onboarding, enablement and education designed to transform its channel partners into trusted security advisors for to their customers. Its tiered structure is designed to motivate partners towards ever greater success levels.


  • Enable any Thales partner to get relevant resources they need to successfully sell the Thales eSecurity product portfolio
  • Enable seamless activation and tracking of new partner relationships, lead management, deal registration and opportunity management integrated with the Thales Salesforce CRM.


  • Personalized experience delivered to different types of partners in different job functions
  • Deal Registration, lead and opportunity management integrated with Thales Salesforce CRM
  • Partner managers can activate new partners, track deals, leads and pending activations in their personalized work areas
  • Key assets are tagged, organized and curated into the portal in sales, marketing and technical hubs
  • Product information is dynamically updated and curated through automatic feeds to which users can subscribe
  • Sales leadership has access to their own dashboard to track partner engagement

Thales Screenshot


  • The combined partner portal was launched in early 2020 with significant content engagement, deal registration, and opportunity management
  • Additional workflows and integrations through 2020 continued to foster community within the portal