The Future of Partner Engagement Infographic

Traditional PRM is going the wayside. New, unified partner experiences are the way of the future, transforming the partner portal experience.

The New Age for Partner Experiences

An engaging portal provides a place to continually interact with your partners. Frequent, relevant and timely communication makes a big difference in partner engagement.

Content such as incentives, planning, marketing and sales that partners access need to be highly focused and personalized to specific roles or characteristics.

Forrester research has shown that bad partner experiences negatively impact competitiveness, and fragmented and inefficient PRM systems degrade efficiency.

Traditional PRM served a purpose — it solved many transactional needs, such as deal registration and partner onboarding. PRM vendors typically choose to focus only on the "management" aspects of partnerships, which equates to managing transactions, not driving them. It's for this reason PRM has failed to meet the relationship needs that drive the performance and engage partnerships.

Redefining the partner experience

Let's reimagine the partner experience. A redefined partner experience would drive revenue and create loyalty. It would maintain and grow partner relationships, and change the way you interact with them. It would be data-driven and provide an optimal experience that fully engages your partners.

Do you know what your partners want?

Find out what they want and why they don't want just a partner portal.