It’s Gotten Personal: The Critical Importance of 1-1 Personalized Experiences in Today’s Partner Programs

Market forces are fundamentally changing what partner programs need to do to be successful. Changes in the nature of partner relationships, along with rapid technology advancement in our everyday lives, have dramatically raised the expectations bar for successfully attracting, engaging and enabling partners.

James Hodgkinson of Webinfinity, Claudio Ayub of Perks Worldwide and Angela Leech from SiriusDecisions discuss the personalization trend and how it’s changing the way suppliers and manufacturers attract, support, reward and retain productive partners.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • SiriusDecisions’ frameworks and best practices for ensuring each partner individual gets the support and enablement they need to be successful.
  • How to improve effectiveness and ROI of your partner incentive, MDF and marketing enablement programs.
  • Tips for improving deal registration program engagement and success rates.
  • Strategies for better targeting enablement and engagement efforts to the right people at your partner companies.
  • How to extend digital partner engagement to the recruitment phase of the partner journey.