Supplier Engagement

Improve supplier productivity in working with your company.

Effective management of existing and prospective suppliers is challenging without a structured approach. Webinfinity enables the easy onboarding and support of your supplier network through simplified, personalized experiences.

  • New Suppliers - provide access to briefing content, company information and secure content upload to support new RFI/RFP processes
  • Existing Suppliers - a personalized window into everything your supplier needs to be successful - for example a creative agency who needs your source image files, a PR company who needs your latest announcements or a research company who needs to upload their data
  • Supplier Sales Referrals - suppliers can bring you new opportunities if you make it easy for them to do so. Webinfinity streamlines the process through simplified supplier referral leads, fully integrated with your CRM system

Use Cases


Partner Portal

ATEA is the market leader in IT infrastructure for businesses and public-sector organizations in Europe’s Nordic and Baltic regions. Its partners are some of the largest hardware and software vendors in the world with which it works to deliver infrastructure solutions to its customers.


Because ATEA works with a broad spectrum of hardware and software vendors, each with their own MDF, rebate and incentive payment programs, it is challenging to track monies owed to ATEA across this complex ecosystem.


  • Partner Connect is designed to primarily help internal teams track and manage MDF payments from their technology vendors.
  • Each team have visibility into their specific vendor partners PLUS complementary resources such as events, contacts and program policies.
  • A single pane of glass provides a seamless and much simplified collaboration process between ATEA partner teams and their vendors with a tracking workflow for MDF claims and rebate payments, in addition to partner-specific MDF and rebate activity.
  • Different user types see different assets depending on what they need to best collaborate with partners

ATEA Screenshot


A significantly simplified and collaborative process which makes it easier for vendors to do business with ATEA and vice versa.


Infosys Alliances and Partner Ecosystem Portal

Infosys’ dynamic portfolio of 200+ alliance and ecosystem partners includes enterprise companies with differing capabilities, capacities and relationship characteristics. Key partners include Google, Amazon, Salesforce, Cisco, Microsoft and Hewlett Packard.


  • To optimize their valuable alliance partner ecosystem, Infosys needed a solution that would automate digital partner engagement in a personalized and contextually relevant way for each partner.
  • In an organization the size of Infosys, streamlining and simplification of alliance working relationships was needed to ensure a successful relationship


  • Within the Alliances and Partner Ecosystem Portal, each Infosys alliance partner has a dedicated site that includes featured content for Infosys client teams collaborative use with their alliance partners.
  • Analytics dashboards with real-time visibility of the critical KPIs related to the Infosys alliance partner ecosystem

Infosys Screenshot


The Infosys Alliances and Partner Ecosystem Portal is launching in September 2020. After the internal roll-out, Infosys plans to extend portal access to key contacts at its alliance partners. This will create a further unified experience for all communications and collaboration between Infosys and its alliance partners.