Sales Enablement

Effectively supporting valuable team members that identify and close new business should be a critical priority in any modern enterprise.

Webinfinity weaves together the content and systems that power the sales engine, providing a single point of entry for all team members based on their specific role or needs.

  • Guide sales journeys through curated content and workflows aligned with your specific sales processes
  • Quickly create custom, high impact prospective client portals to provide truly personalized experiences for your sales prospects
  • Easily identify deal winning content through seamless collaboration with both corporate and individual marketing contributors
  • Direct access to CRM data and sales intelligence from a single, unified portal experience

Use Cases


Field Portal

A business-critical sales enablement portal for the NetApp employee field as well as channel partner sales teams. In place since 2016, the portal continuously supports over 10,000 active users per month and manages over 20,000 digital assets.


Needed to create a unified portal for employee and partner field sales and technical teams to access everything they need to successfully sell and close opportunities.


  • 20,000+ assets; individual views specific to task, role, job function or region
  • 14 languages - search, page labels and associated asset translations
  • Master data system and SSO integration for personalization enablement
  • Portfolio of hubs for different partner types and user job roles
  • Regional views curated by regional teams
  • Embeds different sites, applications and systems; adds user intelligence
  • Interface CRM system for deal-specific recommended content
  • Real-time analytics to drive partner relationships
  • Managed by 3-4 people worldwide

NetApp Screenshot


  • Scales continuously to over 16,000 unique users per month
  • 82,000+ content interactions
  • 10,000+ user sessions per month


Partner Hub

Competing in the enterprise software space requires having an advantage with key solution and reseller partners of varying types and capabilities. Epicor’s partner hub provides a unification framework for enabling and managing disparate partner programs, systems and individual partner needs.


  • Needed to bring together multiple disparate systems through one unified authenticated login.
  • Aggregate marketing campaigns and resources into one unified center but with the capability to deliver relevant resources for different partner marketing needs.
  • Broaden partner access for Salesforce lead sharing capability without adding seat licenses.


  • Re-creation of a personalized Marketing Center through integration with Averetek campaign management application
  • Enablement of the distribution and management of leads through the hub integrated with Salesforce Partner Network
  • Complete scalable flexibility to add future partner business management and engagement features such as business planning, MDF and LMS integration.

Epicor Screenshot


  • Multi-person access across individual partner organizations to Salesforce and key selling assets
  • Partners can now easily find the assets they need for their campaigns, helping them to initiate leads and opportunities
  • Multiple partner types and experiences curated for the individual user


F5 Partner Central

Partners are central to F5’s growth strategy. Its Unity+ partner program is designed to drive increased partner profitability, rewarding partners for investing in new strategic focus areas and for leveraging F5’s investment in field sales alignment, new partner tools, and flexible training and enablement opportunities.


  • Increase engagement with partners aligned with F5 business goals
  • Delivery of personalized experiences for different types of partners and their needs to drive revenue growth for partners and F5 


  • Home portal hub with everything a partner user needs for their primary activities
  • Automated feed to keep partners up to date on what’s happening at F5
  • Deal registration dashboard integrated with F5 Salesforce CRM
  • Alliance partner information enabling partners to access key alliance information
  • Sales, technical and marketing resources tagged and organized to make it easy to access for different job functions

F5 Screenshot


F5 Partner Central has just launched with the team activating 14,000+ partner users. The expectation is that partner engagement will ramp quickly and that F5 will be expanding into other key partner experience capabilities through the portal.