Next-Generation PRM: The Path to Partner Success

Teaming and driving revenue with partners in the modern business landscape has in some ways gotten harder.

Suppliers are struggling to compete for partner mindshare in a distracted, high-velocity world. But at the same time, evolving technology is simplifying the ability to engage and enable partners, and helping channel teams accomplish far more with less resources.

Next Generation PRM…

  • Delivers frictionless partner engagement that ensures operational performance, increased revenue, and loyalty.
  • Is affordable for any partner program, from 20 partners to 20,000 partners, and scales as your program scales.
  • Aligns guidance, communications and content with users based on the unique characteristics of the user consuming it and the task at hand.
  • Provides in-depth, actionable analytics and dynamic reporting on demand.

Our white paper, "Next Generation PRM: Accelerating Channel Sales Success for Technology Companies", defines next-generation PRM and explains how 360ecosystems is giving technology channel owners with small or growing partner programs a fact-based window into their partner ecosystem to ensure long-lasting, win-win partnerships.

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