Webinfinity Product Release - Winter 2017

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Rory Sewell

Make your channel partners happy, drive revenue, and make your business the best it can be.

Let’s Go

Webinfinity is proud to push out some new things and let you get started using some new features. From our extensive research, we’re sure you’ll enjoy all of the new tools at your disposal. And we’re just getting started! We’ll continue to release new features and enhancements every month as we move towards three major releases by mid-2017. Everything is dedicated to improving your partner experience and helping drive your revenue to the sky.

Our Research

We’ve done our homework and curated ideas from a number of sources including internal stakeholders, clients, partners, and industry experts who make up our advisory board.

  • We capture feature ideas from all sources and enable each participant to outline which items are important to them and engage directly in the discussion.
  • All suggested features are reviewed by our product team with the goal of understanding the pain points and use cases.
  • And then, a monthly internal feature review is held with key product decision makers so that we can select the ideas for the roadmap that will provide the most value to our customers and partners.

Our 7 Strategic Areas of Focus

  1. Content Publishing – We’re focused on improving the experience for content publishers as well as giving more control and governance to the business. We are ensuring that content is created uniformly and distributed accordingly, and that it is aligned with partner/user needs.
  2. Content Discovery – Improved discovery of content. Ensuring that the right content is available to the right person at the right time through both proactive and reactive (search/explore) channels.
  3. Self-service – Adding and enhancing administration suite to enable full self-service for you, as well as enabling greater flexibility to react to changing business and partner needs.
  4. Integrations / API – Building out our connector framework through prioritised integrations targeted at solving key business challenges. We will also be extending our published API and SDK framework to enable 3rd party development.
  5. Reports and Metrics – Enable better access to the extensive data store to drive better ROI and understanding of application performance, content strategy, and revenue impact.
  6. Usability (UI / UX) – Continue to improve UI/UX to improve the overall experience and effectiveness of the application; reducing time to load, time to end point and therefore getting your users the information they need quicker.
  7. PRM – Extend and enhance PRM specific features geared towards improving key requirements in both growing and established channel programs.

What’s New in February

  • Relationship and Account Management
    • Partner self-service for user management
    • User onboarding
  • Lead Management
    • Distribute leads from Salesforce
    • Flexible workflow management
    • Collaboration
    • Dynamic content delivery/discovery
  • Opportunity Management
    • Lead to opportunity flow
    • Opportunity (deal) registration from partners
      Flexible workflow management
    • Collaboration
    • Dynamic content delivery/discovery
    • Salesforce (SFDC) Contact Integration
  • Role / Account / User Hierarchy
    • Enabling end user experience to be dynamically profiled from a number of sources inclusive of SSO, SFDC Account, SFDC Contact, as well as augmented data native to Webinfinity through Roles.
  • Extended Experience Functionality
    • Various enhancements to support dynamic / role-driven widgets, notifications, etc. based around key PRM use cases.
  • Many UI/UX improvements to ensure that your users get the best experience
  • General Optimization of the Webinfinity Platform

Don’t Miss Out!

This is just the first feature release of 2017, too! There’s plenty more to come. Make your channel partners happy, drive revenue, and make your business the best it can be. The Webinfinity personalized partner experience is the only way to go – check it out today!

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Rory Sewell

Written by Rory Sewell

I am a Founder & VP of Solutions with Webinfinity, a game-changing SaaS Ecosystem Engagement platform, replacing traditional PRM.