Increase Your Sales Through Partner Experience Webinar

What is Partner Experience?

Partner experience is critically important to partner engagement and sales – are you measuring yours? An increase in partner experience leads to an increase in partner engagement which leads to an increase in partner sales!

Watch the webinar to hear the answers to some of these questions:

  • What is Partner Experience?
  • Why is Partner Experience so important?
  • Who measures what, and how?
  • What elements should you evaluate?
  • What does a good experience look like?
  • Measuring engagement – why and how!

There is also a PDF of the presentation that is available for download here.


Webinar Speakers


Diane Krakora, CEO at PartnerPath, will share the elements of partner experience from their knowledgebase of working extensively with companies and their partners.


Cindi Johnson, Global Director Partner Programs at Tanium, will discuss the importance of partner experience as a vendor.


James Hodgkinson, CEO and Founder at 360ecosystems, will show how a good a experience should be curated and how best to track and monitor engagement through engagement intelligence dashboards.