Experience Automation

The 360ecosystems Engagement Management platform delivers completely unique personalized experiences for any type of user with almost any language ... automatically.

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User Experience

User-first design for engagement.

Component Overview Features
Content Experience
Advanced functionality to target content by user profile and to enable users to more easily find what they need.
  • Manage multiple content types
  • Deliver profile-driven assets by groups or individual users
  • Preview documents
  • Subscribe to content feeds with auto-notification
  • Seamless delivery of content integrated from external systems Manage/display content owners and editors
  • Manage/display content versions
Curated assets (web pages, collections, interests)
Group assets in an infinite number of ways to drive engagement.
  • Manually curate collections of assets
  • Automate curation through tag selection
  • Curate within the portal or between the portal and external applications
  • Create guided experiences with web pages
Transactional Experience
Manage transactional objects from any source through the portal. Workflow to support any business process; content automatically recommended to support any transactional flow.
  • Deliver any transactional object from any source system into portal
  • Bi-directionally add/edit data records between portal and source system
  • Support any transactional business process with workflow configuration
  • Automate suggested content based on transactional attributes
Third-Party UX
Seamless authentication and embed of any third party application within the portal.
  • Seamlessly authenticate from portal to third-party application
  • Seamlessly embed third party UX/content source
  • Provision user intelligence real-time to third-party applications
Collaboration efficiencies are enabled without leaving the application - subscriptions/notifications, content sharing and commentary, recommendations within and between the portal and external applications.
  • Receive in-app and email notifications
  • Enable public and private user comments on content
  • Add/remove collaborators to any asset
  • Enable user to "like" content
  • Share content with other portal users
Save and share multi-asset searches. Automatic suggested search based on keyword input.
  • Search/filter across any asset types
  • Display relevant filter options based on search results
  • See search suggestions
  • Create and share saved searches based on meta-data
Performance optimized around user experience expectation.
  • Page loads
  • UX loads
  • Search performance
Responsive design for mobile devices; mobile application integration via API.
  • View UI from any device
  • Enjoy mobile performance equivalent to desktop

Experience Management

Automated curation, localization, distribution of any type of asset, different user types, in specific locations.

Component Overview Features
SSO/User/Profile Management
Menu-driven approach to user profile management within the application. SSO and external system profile connections for account status and permissions authentication.
  • Single log-in/user identity
  • Administrator-managed user activation/de-activation
  • User-managed profile and password maintenance
  • Email and notifications preferences
  • User terms and conditions (including GDPR)
Easy content publishing including classification, search terms, audience controls. Pubishing governance for different types of publishers with different roles.
  • Experience creation/delivery managed through application
  • Easy content publishing
  • Easy targeting of specific audiences
  • Quick addition of search terms for optimization
  • All without technical support required
Web Pages
Quickly curate guiding web pages with dynamic and role-based sections and content.
  • WSIWYG HTML editor for content creation within web pages
  • Create pages with associated metadata
  • Create sections with widgets that can be restricted by role
  • Create dynamic content feeds
  • Embed content from any sources
Transactional Objects
Easy configuration of transactional objects such as deals, relationships, partners, customers, roles.
  • Templated designs for admin; completely admin-configurable
  • Rules for suggested content automation
  • Workflow steps and stages
  • Form creation with conditional logic
Individual assets and applications/page labels delivered in all global languages including non-standard character support.
  • Label translation management
  • Content in any language
  • Grouped translations - parent-child association
  • Support of non-standard international character sets
Asset Publishing
Cross-media and cross-appication asset publishing.
  • Upload documents from any source
  • Upload/embed video or audio files from any source
  • Upload/classify and add user intelligence to content from external systems

Data and Intelligence

Deep on-demand visibility into user behavior manipulated against key business drivers with in-app configuration of data visualization of easy user consumption and action. Data is easily exportable into common office applications and third-party BI tools; data is available for client analysis and integration with business performance data.

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Content Engagement Analytics

Optimize your content assets for engagement and utilization - increase your content ROI.

Component Overview Features
Curated Content Views
See how to optimize your curated content - where users are engaging. Curated content including:
  • Portal page views
  • Collection views and subscriptions
  • Interest views and subscriptions
Content Interactions
Track how users are interacting with content by user type, by role, by geography. In-app visualization of:
  • Downloads
  • Previews
  • Video plays
  • Links clicked
Content / Resource Type Engagement
Track which types of content and individual resources are the most popular by user type, by role, by geography. In-app visualization of:
  • Total page views of documents, videos, links, web pages
  • Total page views of individual resources (brochures, case studies, white papers, etc.)
Content Engagement Sources
See where users are intercepting portal assets. In-app visualization of sources of content access including:
  • Email notifications
  • In-app notifications
  • Search
  • Navigation
  • Related content link
  • Collection
Collaboration Analytics
See how content is being utilized to collaborate with others within the organization or between associated organizations. Includes key data on:
  • Recommendations and Ratings: In-app visualization of assets with user ratings and recommendations
  • Breakdown of ratings and recommendations by user type, role, geography.
  • Content Sharing: In-app visualization of content message and comments within the portal by user type and specific users
Content Owner Analytics
Enable content owners to see what is happening with their content to determine how to optimize its management. Enable administrators to see how best to segment content owners based on amount of content and frequency of publishing. Includes key data for content owners broken into three categories:
  • Content published by owner: In-app visualization of content added to the portal by owner In-app visualization of related content owners and volumes of content published
  • Content usage by owner: In-app visualization of content hits, downloads, video plays, clicked links by owner and related content owners
  • Average content usage by owner: In-app visualization of average number of hits against total volume of content published by content owner
Search Analytics
In-app visualization of search utilization and effectiveness.
  • Ranked search terms across any required date range
  • Ranked guided search terms and volume of usage
  • Search terms with nothing returned - a built-in guide to asset search optimization
  • Use of search filters
  • Trending search topics, content and resource types

Connector Framework

Integrating content and applications from anywhere to create a unified, frictionless experience for users.

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