Employee Engagement

Increase engagement with your employees for improved productivity and profitability.

All employees (and employers) are not created equal. Inspire and engage your team with personally tailored experiences for everyone, regardless of their role.

  • Executives - provide easy and secure access to performance dashboards, business updates and strategic content from any device
  • Sales and Marketing - educate and enable new hires through experienced sellers and everyone in between
  • Operations - Drive performance in all areas of your business with contextual experiences that enable your team members to take control of their own content, communication and collaboration in one unified hub
  • And everyone else …. Engage prospective hires, board members, HR teams and pretty much anyone else who shows up in the morning

Use Cases


Field Portal

A business-critical sales enablement portal for the NetApp employee field as well as channel partner sales teams. In place since 2016, the portal continuously supports over 10,000 active users per month and manages over 20,000 digital assets.


Needed to create a unified portal for employee and partner field sales and technical teams to access everything they need to successfully sell and close opportunities.


  • 20,000+ assets; individual views specific to task, role, job function or region
  • 14 languages - search, page labels and associated asset translations
  • Master data system and SSO integration for personalization enablement
  • Portfolio of hubs for different partner types and user job roles
  • Regional views curated by regional teams
  • Embeds different sites, applications and systems; adds user intelligence
  • Interface CRM system for deal-specific recommended content
  • Real-time analytics to drive partner relationships
  • Managed by 3-4 people worldwide

NetApp Screenshot


  • Scales continuously to over 16,000 unique users per month
  • 82,000+ content interactions
  • 10,000+ user sessions per month


b2b Engagement Portal

As one of the world’s leading developers of flavors and fragrances, Firmenich’s b2b portal represents the quality and value associated with their prestigious global brand.


  • To introduce a portal solution that would enable the effective online engagement with key flavor development partners – some of which are the world’s largest and best known companies in the Beverage, Sweet Goods and Savory sector.
  • To provide easy access to the company’s extensive flavor database, including the ability to search, sort and filter using a variety of attributes
  • To provide access to important regulatory documents for download directly from the portal
  • To provide a curated content overview for internal Firmenich teams including Fine Fragrance and Global Sustainability
  • To enable internal teams to use the platform to deliver modern and highly visual onsite demos of Firmenich capabilities


  • Practical integration with several systems of record to create a unified engagement experience for the flavor distribution channel together with a selection of the most important fragrance clients
  • Enablement of the Firmenich team to self-manage and maintain all aspects of the portal experience including the development and design of new online experiences without reliance on technical resources
  • Extension of solution to enable engagement in several other areas of the Firmenich extended ecosystem

Firmenich Screenshot


  • Very high customer satisfaction with delivery of a always up-to-date critical information of constantly changing extensive Flavor catalogues 7/7 and 24/24.
  • Reduced time for the client’s production lifecycle
  • Roll out of the FlavorGate platform to the Firmenich Distributors worldwide


F5 Partner Central

Partners are central to F5’s growth strategy. Its Unity+ partner program is designed to drive increased partner profitability, rewarding partners for investing in new strategic focus areas and for leveraging F5’s investment in field sales alignment, new partner tools, and flexible training and enablement opportunities.


  • Increase engagement with partners aligned with F5 business goals
  • Delivery of personalized experiences for different types of partners and their needs to drive revenue growth for partners and F5 


  • Home portal hub with everything a partner user needs for their primary activities
  • Automated feed to keep partners up to date on what’s happening at F5
  • Deal registration dashboard integrated with F5 Salesforce CRM
  • Alliance partner information enabling partners to access key alliance information
  • Sales, technical and marketing resources tagged and organized to make it easy to access for different job functions

F5 Screenshot


F5 Partner Central has just launched with the team activating 14,000+ partner users. The expectation is that partner engagement will ramp quickly and that F5 will be expanding into other key partner experience capabilities through the portal.


Dealer Portal

Working with many different dealers in many different countries, the ability to deliver a highly relevant and frictionless dealer portal experience is of key importance to Polaris.


  • Needed to create a high impact, unified experience for the international dealer community including both Polaris and Indian Motorcycle resellers
  • Needed the ability to scale the dealer portal to support multiple brands, product lines, territories and languages
  • Needed full integration with the global roll out of MS Dynamics CRM


  • Needed to support partners with deal registration and opportunity management integrated with MS Dynamics CRM
  • Needed to deliver relevant content to partners in a timely manner

Polaris Screenshot


  • Initial roll out to 5 primary countries in early 2020. Now expanded to support all international dealers in 16 countries.