Customer Engagement

Make it easy for your customers to do business with you.

Providing customers with a high impact, digital service is a critical ingredient in the modern enterprise. Webinfinity makes it easy to create personalized experiences that will support the individual needs of your customers, including:

  • Communications - target personalized messages and calls to action to your customers in real time
  • Support- provide easy access to content and systems that will drive customer self-service and increased satisfaction
  • Learning and Enablement - deliver a unified training experience helping your customers maximize ROI on your solutions
  • New Sales Opportunities - drive sales promotions and upsell product offerings based on customer profile, location and role

Use Case


Channelnomics Databank Portal

Channelnomics (formerly The 2112 Group) is a business strategy, and research firm focused on improving the performance of technology companies’ direct and indirect channels through a portfolio of market-leading products and services.


  • Provide an point of access for delivery of insights and intelligence of the Brainstorm service
  • Enable different experiences for staff and clients
  • Make it easy for staff to add new assets and clients to access the intelligence and insights they need for their decision making


  • The Webinfinity-powered Channelnomics Databank provides flexibility and simplicity for Channelnomics staff and clients. It enables the granular segmentation of content and organization for easy navigation.
  • Subscriptions and notifications for distribution of content to subscribing clients
  • Engagement and subscription reporting in the application

Channelnomics Screenshot


The Channelnomics Databank is an essential component of the Brainstorm service.  Engagement with the portal has been consistent with subscriptions to the Brainstorm service.