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Chris Becwar

Arguably the biggest challenge of managing a partner program is the ‘grey area’ involved in day-to-day decision making.

Compared to direct sales, in partnering there are so many more variables to be taken into consideration in any action or strategy decision.

That’s why the Webinfinity team was extremely excited to announce that (after a lot of hard work and brilliant vision!) from our Product and Engineering teams, we’re providing our clients with a new suite of program analytics that is truly ‘game changing’ for the partner management space.

These new measurement capabilities are not only the most powerful, configurable and user-friendly in the industry, but they give channel marketing and sales leaders a new level of actionable, real time visibility into how partners and channel team members are engaging (or not!) – so that every client has the visibility to maximize revenue performance in new ways…and with all of their partners, not just the top 20%.


The new tools are highly interactive, allowing users to easily tweak the metrics, drill in for deeper detail, and create entirely new visualizations from scratch with a few mouse clicks.

The approach here leverages other unique aspects of the platform, combining the power of personalization and audience intelligence with in-app, real time visibility into end-to-end partner engagement. All of the rich context of users, programs, workflows and content that the system captures can be fully utilized through the new measurement tools. This sets the foundation for an unrivaled level of partner program visibility across a client’s entire channel ecosystem.

Traditionally it’s been very challenging – and expensive – to make analytics like this available to both supplier team members as well as their large ecosystems of partner users. But a key element ‘under the hood’ is our use of cutting edge cloud computing technology to power the heavy ‘number crunching’ needed to display these large data sets quickly, at global scale and in real time. For that, Webinfinity has partnered with our friends at Snowflake, leveraging innovative cloud-based data warehousing technology, amongst other next gen cloud tools. This alliance means more power and insight for our clients and their partners, with no additional expense or software licensing requirements.

The system also provides targeted engagement and performance dashboards for different user roles and needs within the program.

  • For Partner Marketing and Operations, this means deep insight into what experiences and resources are actually moving the needle (or not moving the needle!) and spotting process or workflow breakdowns that need attention.
  • For Partner Account Managers, this means views like shared deal status reports and partner-by-partner dashboards that provide actionable insights to measure and guide each partner under their purview in joint planning and QBR meetings.
  • For partners, that means seeing trends, status and progress on your team’s efforts to work with the supplier.

We call this ‘end-to-end engagement intelligence’; interpreting your partners’ digital behavior in a way that positions you to drive new levels of partner engagement and revenue. It’s replacing the ‘grey area’ with targeted insight for data-based learning, refinement and shared revenue growth.

The new tools answer questions like:

Total Page Views
What types of resources and information are getting used most often, and how is that trending?
Top Keyword Search
What are people looking for the most?
Top Search
For troubleshooting: What common searches are yielding no results? (meaning either I need more content in that area OR I’m not tagging my content properly
Top Keyword Search Launch
Drill in to dig deeper…
Top Keyword Search Details
…and get more detail.

Plus, there’s a wealth of deal-related insights, like…

Partner opportunities created, deals won and lost…
All deal registrations, deal reg approval summary (converted vs. rejected)
Partner View
Partner View: gives insights and statuses on things like deal registrations, lead conversions…
…and analyze shared lead and opportunity workflows for efficiencies, failure points, and areas of improvement.

This is just the beginning, as a lot more exciting intelligence enhancements are to come. The framework we’ve introduced will be continually enhanced and improved to fuel more and more channel performance drivers and enable more powerful, unique insights that are unavailable elsewhere. For a closer look, we encourage you to contact us today.

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Chris Becwar

Written by Chris Becwar

Chris is a Channel and Marketing veteran with expertise in SaaS platforms & indirect routes to market, advising top channel programs on strategy & trends.