What is Employee Engagement & What Are its Benefits?

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Elizabeth Chaney

We all know intuitively that organizations who engage and inspire their employees outperform and innovate more successfully when compared to the competition.

If this adage is true, why then is Gallup celebrating a slight increase in employee engagement over an 18-year period.

“The percentage of engaged workers in the U.S. -- those who are involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work and workplace -- is now 34%, tying its highest level since Gallup began reporting the national figure in 2000.”

– Gallup News


Given the outsized value that engaged employees drive for an organization, leaders must increase their investment in employee engagement initiatives. In today’s environment of remote workers, siloed business processes, and virtual events, keeping employees engaged is extremely challenging. Successful organizations will harness the power of their digital experience resources to unite their respective workforces while creating a “rallying cry” that inspires employees to collaborate and punch well above their weight!

The metrics below clearly articulate the criticality of employee engagement for a successful organization.

Employee engagement has a direct impact on financial performance
Companies with effective employee experience outperform their peers for top-line growth, bottom-line profits, and return to shareholders. (Willis Towers Watson)
Businesses with the highest levels of employee engagement are 22% more profitable than less engaged businesses. (Gallup)
Organizations with higher than average employee engagement have been known to exceed the financial performance of their peers by 73%. (University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School)
In one recent case study, an Ohio-based manufacturer was able to increase profits 24% after measuring employee engagement. (Emplify)

Investing in employee experience has a positive effect on company stock price. See the chart below that depicts the Employee Experience Advantage.


Employee engagement can fuel productivity and improve retention
Engaged employees are 44% more productive than workers who merely feel satisfied (Bain & Company). In this same study, Bain found that if an employee who feels engaged and is also inspired is 125% more productive than the satisfied staffer.
Companies with the highest levels of engagement are 21% more productive than those with low levels of engagement. (Gallup)
By collecting and acting on employee feedback, one organization was able to increase production capacity by an astounding $3.8 million. (Emplify)
Higher engagement means a better experience for your customers
In one study, companies with engaged employees had 89% greater customer satisfaction and 50% higher customer loyalty than their disengaged counterparts. (Hay Group)
Customers are willing to pay 16% more for convenience and friendliness. (PwC)

Let’s look at how a few well-known brands might translate their consumer engagement value propositions into employee focused rallying cries designed to inspire employee excellence.

Nike: Just Do It- This creates a great employee engagement focus around productivity, innovation and imagination.

Apple: Think Different- Apple has inspired employees to celebrate being innovative, creative and different.

Disney: It’s all about compelling and entertaining stories. Wouldn’t it be significant to apply that same story telling into inspiration-producing vignettes for Disney employees!

360ecosystems Engagement Management Enables Increased Employee Engagement

The 360ecosystems Engagement Management platform creates the digital structure that successful companies require to bring their rallying cry to life in extremely relevant ways for each and every employee regardless of the employee’s role, geography or tenure within the organization. For instance:

  • A new sales rep in Germany could be guided through an automated onboarding workflow that would present the training, content resources, products/solutions, tools and executive leadership appropriate for that sales rep at specific points throughout the employee onboarding journey.
  • A manager in the US moving into a new role would receive curated and personalized guidance orienting the manager to the key resources, KPIs, and colleagues that will enable the manager to succeed in the new role.
  • An HR manager could monitor employee progress via onboarding or performance dashboards according to specified activities to be completed along the way for any type of HR workflow.
  • Company executives can activate strategic engagement value for every type of employee and job role throughout the world.

There are almost an infinite number of ways 360ecosystems can personalize the employee experience to enable, engage and inspire. Contact us to learn more.

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Elizabeth Chaney

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