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Chris Becwar

Partner sales channels and vendor relationships are more and more important in business today. As more people utilize indirect sales channels, more technology is being created to manage these relationships.

Ease of business is the number one driver for the development and investment in new seamless partner technology for vendor relationships. There are legacy PRM portals, learning management systems, MDF and partner marketing solutions, performance scorecards, and many more. The large number of different solutions creates complication. There are numerous different user interfaces, workflows, and analytics options, which creates a lot of inefficiency and partner dissatisfaction. Webinfinity offers a more unified, frictionless environment that will work across disparate solutions and technologies for a more cohesive partner experience.

The New Age for Partner Experiences

Traditional PRM is going the wayside. New, unified partners experiences are the way of the future. Webinfinity leads the way with its extensive knowledge and expertise in what partners and vendors are looking for.

Webinfinity’s Goals:

  1. Make it easier for partners to do business with their vendors.
  2. Enable vendors and partners to grow their businesses more successfully.

How Webinfinity Reaches These Goals:

  1. Delivers frictionless digital partner engagement that drives improved transactional performance and increases revenue.
  2. Dynamically weaves content together based on individual characteristics of the content, the users consuming the content, and the task at hand.
  3. Provides in-depth, actionable analytics on demand.

Driving Channel Revenue through Seamless Partner Experiences

Spending less time managing disparate platforms will lead your business to increased revenue. Webinfinity provides one unified interface for access to all the data, content, and systems that your business requires to be successful with a vendor or partner. Access to more granular data is critical for a partner to stay engaged and continue to make more informed business decisions. This data can show how things are being consumed by partners, programs, users, and geography. The elimination of this system friction and access to better information saves time and money, and results in higher revenue.

Partner Integration into the Vendor’s Organization

The ability for a vendor to communicate and respond to its partners needs is just as important as being able to respond to the needs of your clients or customers. Next generation PRM offers the ability to integrate channel partner needs, operations, and processes directly into the organizational model. Webinfinity offers seamless partner engagement by dynamically intertwining content intelligence with transactional data to deliver the most personalized, relevant experience for channel partners. You’ll finally have real control over channel performance and outcomes.

Five Key Innovations in Webinfinity’s Next Generation PRM

  1. Uniform Tagging – Over years of research and development, Webinfinity created an easy-to-use uniform tagging model that can be applied across numerous content sources. Microsoft Word to Excel to PDF’s, videos, and other opportunities, partners, campaigns, leads, and learning curriculum are compatible. As Webinfinity connects more and more solutions, your power continues to expand.
  2. Analytics – For vendor executives, we focus on ROE (return on engagement) and for partner executives, we focus on ROI (return on investment) as the primary indicators for success in a partner relationship. Webinfinity’s deep-dive analytics deliver information regarding content items, channel partners/roles, programs, and countries, that you need as a partner or vendor.
  3. Role-Driven Interface – No matter what your role, Webinfinity is designed and personalized for you. The partner portal is data-driven and provides dynamic content curation and limitless subscription options.
  4. Holistic Connector Strategy – No need to rip and replace any legacy systems. Our system operates within many systems of record such as Salesforce. You will never need to leave the Webinfinity platform to manage multiple different aspects of your partner relationship.
  5. Purpose-Built on Amazon Web Services (AWS) – Webinfinity leverages innovative technology, analytics, and security. It is built on AWS to ensure the ability to globally hyper-scale your business.

Webinfinity is the Future

Let Webinfinity help you to:

  • Identify and push out relevant assets to your partners in only two clicks. No more need to compete with marketing around other activities.
  • Utilize extended Salesforce integration to leverage workflow, rules, and transactional data for advanced functionality.
  • Apply powerful content analytics right at your fingertips. Help measure ROE, ROI, and plan future programmatic activity based on measurable outcomes.
  • And much, much, more!

Contact us today to hear how we can improve your partner/vendor experience!

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Chris Becwar

Written by Chris Becwar

Chris is a Channel and Marketing veteran with expertise in SaaS platforms & indirect routes to market, advising top channel programs on strategy & trends.