Webinfinity Product Release - Fall 2017

[fa icon="calendar"] Nov 11, 2017 10:04:00 AM / by Rory Sewell

Rory Sewell

Webinfinity’s latest platform release has arrived, bringing exciting and innovative enhancements to the platform to help make our clients’ – and their partners’ – experience more powerful, simple and rewarding.

Some key enhancements worth noting are:

New ‘Always on’ Left Navigation Bar

With the release, navigation is visible at all times in a 'minified' left bar so you can quickly navigate to the main areas of the application.


  • Not only makes navigation more intuitive for first-time users, but also makes navigating around the application faster.
  • Navigation is visible at all times in a minified left bar so you can quickly navigate to the main areas of the app.
  • Navigation is more obvious and quicker

‘Top Bar’ Color Change

The Top Bar has changed from the traditional royal blue color to a translucent white bar, meaning slightly off-white or light grey if there is a dark image behind it.



  • Top-level options and search bar more obvious
  • Less cluttered and confusing UI when scrolling
  • Persistent search bar when scrolling
  • Top bar options (e.g., search, add content, notifications) remain same at all times, whether you are viewing or scrolling a page
  • Search UI improved to be more fluid
  • Top bar is translucent white to blend more seamlessly with existing UI

My Work

A new “My Work” option in the left navigation showing all of your content


  • A single place to go to see all of the content you have created
  • No need to search for content you have created in multiple places
  • Find your content quickly without leaving where you are in the app
  • One place to go to create your content

Quick View Content

When viewing content, the page is opened in a right bar overlay, the Quick View (QV) panel.


  • Users can navigate around the app much quicker
  • Eliminates frustrating search page reloads when viewing multiple pages from the same search or explore page
  • Navigating around the app and finding the right content is far quicker
  • Quickly get back to where you jumped off from

There are a lot more exciting enhancements included in this release. For more information reach out to your Webinfinity Client Success Manager.

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Rory Sewell

Written by Rory Sewell

I am a Founder & VP of Solutions with Webinfinity, a game-changing SaaS Ecosystem Engagement platform, replacing traditional PRM.