Webinfinity Launches Next-Generation PRM Platform

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A platform to create personalized digital experiences that drive revenue, increase engagement and build loyalty.

Companies can now get better visibility into their channel revenue pipeline with analytics from Webinfinity’s PRM platform.

Las Vegas (SiriusDecisions Summit) – May 17, 2017 – Webinfinity, the company redefining the channel partner experience, today launched its new platform that empowers companies to deliver a personalized partner experience that drives revenue, increases engagement and builds loyalty. Leveraging nearly 20 years of partner relationship management (PRM) experience, Webinfinity has created a platform that delivers a personalized digital experience based on the unique profile, history and needs of each user. The platform serves a targeted, contextually relevant selection of content, resources and tools to partners, which increases partner stickiness and improves sales without increasing headcount. With comprehensive analytics for the technology vendor, Webinfinity measures content effectiveness and partner performance to provide unprecedented visibility into the channel pipeline and uncover missed revenue opportunities.

“The current partner experience is broken – and it’s costing established companies millions of dollars every year in lost revenue and opportunity cost,” said James Hodgkinson, Webinfinity Founder and Chief Evangelist. “At the same time, smaller companies looking to accelerate their revenue growth are more increasingly employing a channel program to scale their sales efforts and fuel growth. Whether it’s an established channel program or a company just starting out, it is critical to provide a compelling, relevant and engaging experience for each partner.”

More than $800 billion of technology products and services are sold through indirect channels each year. As a result, over the last decade, channel partner programs have grown at an unprecedented pace creating increasingly complex channel and partner ecosystems. Legacy PRM systems have created friction in the channel partner experience and struggled to support partners in a meaningful way. At the same time, business automation is on the rise. Applications like CRM and marketing are becoming more digitally enabled, helping companies do more with less.

“Because of these market factors, now is the time to redefine partner relationship management by addressing three key failure points we witness regularly in channel programs: content management, personalization and measurement,” added Hodgkinson. “Webinfinity intelligently distributes the right content, to the right partners, at the right time, in a personalized digital experience that leads to measurable success and actionable outcomes.”

According to analyst research, one of the key reasons partners add or drop a supplier offering is ease of doing business through a vendor’s business technology (PRM solution). In fact, a survey from The Channel Company found that 66 percent of partners are not happy with the portals or web sites they are forced to use. Yet, organizations struggle to distribute the right supply of content and data to meet the demand of partners, at the right time.

“Partner experience should mirror the same principles and best practices of client experience – however, that often is not the case,” said Maria Chien, Service Director, Channel Marketing Strategies at SiriusDecisions. “One of the key areas we advise clients to focus on is effective measurement and analytics. Measurement provides visibility into activities and issues that relate to partner experience while tracking the long-term impact of partner experience investments. Using analytics to assess partner performance is critical to providing insight into partner pipelines, the programs and tools being used, and how to achieve higher levels of partner loyalty, engagement and sales.”

Webinfinity offers a unique PRM platform focused on delivering an engaging partner experience, while making it easy to manage. Regardless where the content resides – SharePoint, Salesforce or Box to name a few – the right information is no more than two clicks away. Webinfinity normalizes and tags all content, systems and relational capital into a single digital fabric. The product is also unique in its ability to connect content and system analytics to pipeline and missed revenue opportunities, leading partners to be more proactive and increase sales effectiveness. As a result, companies can deploy a content strategy aligned with key business goals that generates tangible business results.

“PRM will move away from the mechanics of traditional channel partner portals to platforms with more sophisticated functionality,” said John Atkinson, Vice President, Strategic Alliances and Channels at WhiteHat Security. “We need technology capable of capturing the transactional data we’re accustomed to getting and that delivers a powerful, efficient channel management experience for the both the partner and vendor. It’s a simple concept that is very difficult to execute. And Webinfinity is the only product on the market that approaches the problem this way and can do what we need a PRM solution to do.”

With no coding, customization or technical experience required, Webinfinity is scalable and deploys in a fraction of the time of other channel solutions. Pricing is based on transaction volumes – not punitive user licenses or heavy implementation costs, allowing it to scale based on the client’s measurable success.

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Webinfinity redefines the partner experience by weaving together systems and content in a single digital fabric. Webinfinity empowers channel managers to deliver a personalized partner experience that drives revenue and creates loyalty. Leveraging nearly 20 years of PRM experience, Webinfinity improves content management, creates personalized experiences and measures content effectiveness and partner performance to provide unprecedented visibility into the channel pipeline. Clients from venture-backed startups to established technology brands like CA, NetApp, and Verisign rely on Webinfinity to manage more than 40,000 user sessions and 300,000 assets views each month. More information can be found at http://www.webinfinity.com.

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