Webinfinity Fall Release Brings New Levels of Engagement Excellence

[fa icon="calendar"] Nov 9, 2019 9:00:00 AM / by Elizabeth Chaney

Elizabeth Chaney

Today, Webinfinity released the first stage of a major two-part product update focused primarily on increased usability.

This release includes significant navigational enhancements and a major evolution in experience management capabilities including digital publishing and asset creation.  Additional improvements to the native SSO functionality will provide greater flexibility, allowing clients to engage users through their preferred authentication methodologies.

With this release, we are streamlining the content creation process and connecting users to content and workflows in the most efficient manner possible.”

– Tim Sewell, CTO, Webinfinity

At Webinfinity, we are relentlessly focused on the improvement of user experience because we know that a superior UX will drive increased engagement which is very valuable for our clients,” commented Sewell.

Users will now find it even easier to navigate Webinfinity’s intuitive interface on all devices.  Primary navigation is created dynamically around each user (omnipresent on every screen). All pertinent user information, including profile, content owned/drafted, workflows associated with deals, leads and partner activations, is aggregated in one place and is easily accessible via a single integrated control panel. These navigational enhancements will enable users to more easily find relevant areas of their portals, resulting in increased efficiency and user engagement.

Anyone responsible for creating, publishing or managing assets in Webinfinity will benefit from the features of this product release.  This release will simplify the process to create leads and deals for partners while making it even easier to add content for specific target user types and roles.  The ability to automate feeds for relevant topics and to group items together in collections will also be streamlined.

The streamlining of asset and resource delivery, relevant to a user’s objectives at a specific moment in time, will drive increased engagement and ultimately increased revenue for our clients.”

– James Hodgkinson, CEO, Webinfinity

We believe these enhancements will reduce the time it takes for new publishers and experience managers to become proficient in delivering personalized experiences for their users,” stated Hodgkinson.

To complement these significant user interface improvements, Webinfinity will also enhance its native SSO capabilities further streamlining the login experience for all users. This release enables Webinfinity to act as the service provider to multiple IDP’s.

About Webinfinity Releases

Webinfinity releases enhancements to its engagement automation engine three times each year.  These enhancements are available across the Webinfinity installed base at no additional charge.

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Elizabeth Chaney

Written by Elizabeth Chaney

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