Webinfinity Enhances Engagement Enablement with Summer 2019 Release

[fa icon="calendar"] Jul 15, 2019 12:02:43 PM / by Elizabeth Chaney

Elizabeth Chaney

Today, Webinfinity added significantly to its engagement enablement capabilities with its Summer 2019 release.

Frictionless Access Across Content Storage Services

The center point of this release is the Storage Connector which enables enterprise users to access their files in almost any popular cloud content storage system including SharePoint Online, Adobe Experience Manager, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, and many more. Webinfinity creates and stores the engagement metadata about the content assets kept in these systems, enabling the source assets to be seamlessly delivered to the user based on specific audience rules, content and user types, roles and relationships, and keyword search terms. The Webinfinity Storage Connector automatically syncs with content updates in these various systems so that the most up-to-date asset is available in Webinfinity.

Increasing Content Engagement

Also, part of this release is enhancements to the preview and in-app sharing functionality. The preview function has been significantly expanded to include preview capability to an increased number of content types. The ability to preview cuts the time users need to spend when looking for the right asset for their task at hand. Webinfinity metrics have shown that previewing significantly increases users’ engagement with content, thereby providing a higher ROI on enterprise content investments.

Tracking Relationship Engagement

Sharing items directly from the Webinfinity system has significant engagement value. Users can share assets directly from the system without having to download and re-upload into an email, increasing efficiency with the assets and also increasing effective person-to-person engagement.


The intended recipients are automatically notified of a shared item via email and in the Webinfinity system. Senders can track recipient engagement with shared items, enabling them to connect for follow-up. This timely engagement is highly valuable for any relationship manager overseeing customer, partner, dealer or supplier accounts.

In addition to these significant enhancements described above, Webinfinity also delivered improvements to its native single sign-on and to its Salesforce integration.

About Webinfinity Releases

Webinfinity releases enhancements to its engagement automation engine 3 times per year. These enhancements all are available across the Webinfinity installed base at no additional charge.

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Elizabeth Chaney

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