Webinfinity’s 2019 Spring Release

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Rory Sewell

Webinfinity’s 2019 spring product update provides powerful and innovative feature enhancements, further strengthening the industry’s leading digital user experience platform.

Here are a few highlights of this latest release.

User impersonation

Do you want to see exactly what your end users are seeing? Webinfinity user impersonation has you covered.

User impersonation provides valuable insight into a partner’s digital user experience by allowing administrators and designated employees the ability to view an end user’s Webinfinity instance. User impersonation will also allow CAM’s/ PAM’s to better support end users while expediting the resolution of cases, content queries and other FAQ’s.


With the insights gathered through user impersonation, Webinfinity clients will be in a position to further optimize digital user experience in order to drive increased user engagement for clients’ valuable partner ecosystems.

Conditional layout

Do your administrators want to leverage conditional logic within a specific workflow to display only the most relevant fields to users? Our new conditional layouts feature provides this valuable resource.

Conditional rules, established by administrators, determine which fields to display to the user based upon a predetermined set of conditions. This feature enhancement will enable administrators to configure forms and layouts that change based on conditional logic.

Conditional layouts create a simpler and more powerful user experience while providing administrators with a valuable, logic based tool to control the presentation of specific fields for users.

New reporting features

Turn information into insight with Webinfinity’s latest reporting features.

Webinfinity Content Engagement

New list templates for Webinfinity’s Page View and Content Action metrics now allow you to see which content pages are being viewed and what type of action is taking place on each page (downloads, previews etc.). This feature provides visibility into which pages are the most popular in terms of page hits and page actions.

Also included in this release are two new analytics metrics that capture unique users and unique partners by specified periods (unique partners per week or unique users per month etc.). These new metrics provide additional insight into the number of unique users and unique partners interacting with the application over a given period. This insight will allow channel managers to further optimize their channel programs.

UI edit enhancements

With this latest release, Webinfinity has simplified UI for all data edits within the application. This enhancement allows users to edit data across multiple panels in one place, simplifying the editing process while ensuring that all required data is captured and maintained. This feature supports the conditional layout functionality while improving user experience across all devices.

Additional enhancements

In addition to the features already mentioned, we have improved our document preview functionality, enhanced our local language translation capabilities and upgraded our core platform architecture.

As always, Webinfinity is committed to the perpetual innovation and enhancement of our digital user experience platform so that we can continue to drive increased user engagement for our clients.

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Rory Sewell

Written by Rory Sewell

I am a Founder & VP of Solutions with Webinfinity, a game-changing SaaS Ecosystem Engagement platform, replacing traditional PRM.