Single Pane of Glass - The Value of a Single Point of Access

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Elizabeth Chaney

For consumers, Amazon has demonstrated the value of its unified and standard interface across a multitude of disparate online retailers.

The convenience of unified search, streamlined purchase process, and recommendations makes it easy to do business with Amazon. For smaller retailers, Amazon extends this unified approach across fulfillment, inventory management, returns processing, advertising and more.

This same single pane of glass approach for experience and infrastructure connection can be applied to a number of enterprise B2B scenarios.

Enterprise employees need their time back

For enterprise employees, who utilize between 7.5 to 9 disconnected applications to perform their duties, productivity can be significantly impacted1. The additional complexity of the data and personnel ecosystems connected to these applications further exacerbate the productivity challenges. According to Blissfully, “Within an organization, each person is connected to multiple apps, and each app is connected to multiple people. The nature of these connections varies, and comprise access, usage, data sharing, role, and spend.” The graph below illustrates the complexity of these interconnected ecosystems.

Source: Blissfully SaaS Graph

This single point of access is essential when on-the-go employees utilize their mobile devices. Imagine the power of 1-click through a single-pane-of-glass where the necessary relationships, data sharing and relevant resources are available for the task at hand, much as in the Amazon consumer experience.

Other enterprise ecosystem scenarios demand the same value

This same single-pane-of-glass and 1-click value can be applied to a number of other B2B scenarios.

  • The channel account manager, who needs to collaborate with and manage a number of assigned partners, is significantly more productive and collaborative when all of their required content, resources and tools are delivered to them exactly when they need the specific resource.
  • The large VAR, distributor or system integrator also experiences the same productivity and collaboration improvement through the personalized and timely delivery of relevant resources and tools through a single unified interface.
  • Global account teams and their customers need this same productive Amazon-like experience when working together to sell/purchase, implement and support large customer initiatives.

360ecosystems single pane of glass approach is efficient and collaborative

With 360ecosystems Engagement Management platform, connections to applications are intelligently presented when they need to be accessed, all through the unified interface. In addition, relevant resources and contacts are available when they add value to the task. Collaboration and sharing between different ecosystem groups is also facilitated through the same interface with the added benefit of tracking engagement by the receiving party with extensive in-app engagement analytics.

Explore how 360ecosystems drives engagement through its single pane of glass.

1Blissfully, 2019 SaaS Trends

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