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Chris Becwar

The channel partner experience has so much going on. Organizing your content, strategy, and brand around indirect partner sales channels can be quite convoluted.

That’s why we’ve developed Webinfinity as the leader in PRM and partner experience. We have quite literally written an e-book about it. And you’re in luck, we’re giving you a taste of it right here, right now.

1) The Channel Performance Problem (and How to Fix It)

We’ll summarize what’s wrong with the current partner experience and what we know about fixing it. We have a roadmap for finding pain points and addressing them through our content-focused PRM strategy. Changing the way that channel partners access content and necessary information through a well-built partner portal is key to driving revenue for your business.

2) Underperforming Partners Means Missed Revenue Opportunities

Have you ever felt the high hopes of signing on a new channel partner or alliance only to be followed by frustration when that relationship does not achieve expectations? Weak revenue streams and underperformance of expectations is all too common in channel partner relationships. So the question is, why are partners failing to perform and what can you do to fix the problem? That’s where Webinfinity can help!

3) Getting to the Root of the Problem

All kinds of business processes must take place. Recruiting, onboarding, managing channel conflicts, and deal registration are always going to be happening – these are not holding you back. Failing to hold your partner’s attention is the problem. The ongoing relationships with your partner’s demands all of your focus. Delivering a world-class partner experience to your channel partners will drive transactional performance, increase revenue, and can have a major impact on your channel business.

4) Is a Better Experience Going to Come from Traditional PRM?

When traditional PRM was introduced, it solved many transactional needs such as deal registration and partner onboarding. Yet, traditional PRM vendors are focused on management of partnerships. This equates to managing transactions not driving them. The relationships with partners now need our focus, if traditional PRM could do this, they would have already.

5) PRM was Broken

Traditional PRM systems are broken and cumbersome. They superficially address the real issue of maintaining and growing partner relationships. According to Forrester, there is not a vendor that exists with best-of-breed offerings in all six of what Forrester considers a PRMs core building blocks. So Webinfinity set out to build a scalable partner portal that provides effective metrics, offers a great partner experience, and an organized way for managing content.

6) Webinfinity - Redefining the Partner Experience

7) Webinfinity Solves the “Supply and Demand” of Partner Experience

You have the “supply” to drive channel success — systems, content, transactional data, and relational capital. Webinfinity is the only platform that enables you to manage that supply based on the “demand” profile of each member of your partner audience. With Webinfinity, you’ll fundamentally and forever change the way you interact with partners.

8) Webinfinity – the Partner Experience Platform

  • A system of record to manage and align content and audience intelligence.
  • A role-driven interface of systems and content woven together uniquely for everyone.
  • Content in context — via uniform tagging model.
  • Deployed on AWS, infinitely scalable and a strategic Salesforce partner.
  • Data-driven metrics show you how to better drive revenue through partner performance.

9) Drive More Business with Partners… Yes, Really!

Only Webinfinity delivers the power to drive your business through partners. It’s data-driven and perfectly tuned to the infrastructure you’ve already built out with Salesforce and other systems.

  • Fragmented, inefficient systems — SOLVED
  • Bad partner experiences — SOLVED
  • Poor content management — SOLVED
  • Solutions that are difficult to scale — SOLVED
  • Lack of effective measurements and metrics — SOLVED

Read the full eBook here and contact Webinfinity today!

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Chris Becwar

Written by Chris Becwar

Chris is a Channel and Marketing veteran with expertise in SaaS platforms & indirect routes to market, advising top channel programs on strategy & trends.