Starting Strong - How Webinfinity Helps Implementing Processes & Goals

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Chris Becwar

You’re beginning to implement all of your yearly processes and goals as you enter the new year. All of us at Webinfinity are happy to help.

We’re continuing our work to always improve your Partner Relationship Management (PRM) processes to help you increase your revenue. PRM technology and it’s uses continue to grow. Having a great PRM is more important than ever:

  1. For Growth: Technology vendors have saturated and maximized the potential of direct sales and now need to rely on channel partners to fuel significant growth. [Channel Company]
  2. For Building Partner Loyalty: Channel partners say “ease of doing business” through a vendor’s business technology (its PRM) is the single greatest factor in determining vendor loyalty. [Forrester]

We offer a redefined partner experience with a solution that weaves together existing PRM systems and content into a single digital fabric that will help drive more revenue with your partners.

Our Platform

You can keep your current functionality while creating an enhanced user experience. There is no need to replace any legacy systems that you are currently utilizing. But now you can get the digital universe arrayed in proper order to deliver today’s user experience.

We offer:

  • Tags
  • Role-Driven Interface
  • System of Record Integration (i.e. Salesforce, etc.)
  • Deep Analytics and Quarterly Business Reviews (QBR)
  • A scalable, content-centric approach to all your PRM functions and methodologies.

Webinfinity and Salesforce Working Together

We give Salesforce a big bear hug and embrace them as the system of record for opportunity management. We see Salesforce’s potential as a content repository and therefore we built our platform to work with Salesforce and act as the system of record for content taxonomy and audience alignment. Webinfinity seamlessly integrates with Salesforce to create an amazing and innovative partner experience management platform.

Therefore, we can help your partners achieve goals and drive revenue

  • A proven content and education driven approach (relationships first, transactions second).
  • Bringing together all content, structured and unstructured.
  • A combing taxonomy (via tagging).
  • Salesforce CRM and Webinfinity PRM working side by side to create a flawless partner experience that will drive revenue.
  • Security - Webinfinity is deployed with the same safety and confidence as Salesforce through Amazon Web Services (AWS).

And it’s simple:

Choose Webinfinity

Webinfinity delivers a user experience that places the digital universe in proper order and dramatically changes the game for PRM. Our collaborative platform works well with Salesforce to help keep you organized and driving your revenue upward.
We understand that driving better relationships with partners comes from:

  1. Delivering content
  2. Delivering education
  3. And delivering experiences tailor-made for every user

It’s through relationships that you can impact the behavior that boosts revenue and business performance. Webinfinity captures the granularity of user experience and partner behavior to help you better drive revenue through partner performance. Relationships first. Transactions second. Redefine the partner experience and relationships with Webinfinity today.

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Chris Becwar

Written by Chris Becwar

Chris is a Channel and Marketing veteran with expertise in SaaS platforms & indirect routes to market, advising top channel programs on strategy & trends.