Realizing the Full Potential of your PRM

[fa icon="calendar"] Feb 17, 2017 9:15:00 AM / by David Brannan

David Brannan

More companies are opting to sell through indirect channels than ever before. However, there is a large amount of confusion around how to best optimize the partner experience and drive revenue.

Overcoming these obstacles and making your Partners’ Experience as easy, transparent, and informative as possible can be overwhelming.

That’s where my team comes in as VP of Client Success at Webinfinity. My goal is to relentlessly help our clients realize the value and potential of the system they have purchased. We don’t just hand you a piece of software and wipe our hands clean. Our dedicated CSMs [client success managers] will provide personalized insights, tips, and recommendations to help your business achieve its goals.

Our Client Success Methodology – Personalized for You

Every client that we bring on to the Webinfinity Partner Portal is given a dedicated CSM. We won’t go more than two weeks without being in contact and making sure your business is on track. We understand that every business has different goals, not only from one another, but also at each of the different stages of business development. We’ll help you set up Webinfinity to best achieve your Desired Outcomes.

Quarterly Client Success Snapshot

Every quarter we do an in-depth analysis of your account to make sure you’re on track to reach your goals. We delve deep into your business objectives, stakeholder expectations, pain points, and areas of opportunity. We’ll identify these different gaps and opportunities and present achievable solutions whether it be through marketing, technology, organization, or anything else.

Defining Metrics & Tactics

There’s so much information out there now, it’s important to define which information is helpful to the growth of your business. We’re the experts in High Tech PRM [partner relationship management] and we know how the system should work to the best of its ability. Let us help you define and review KPI’s for you and drive an effective Partner Experience for your business.

Even more than the numbers, let us talk strategy with you. Do you have system governance? Do you have a content strategy? We’ll take the data and turn it into actionable solutions. We’ll point out top items to focus on, top pieces of content, top Partners contributing to your bottom line, and how to best utilize or grow your Partner Channels.

Creating a Successful Partner Experience

An effective Partner Experience boils down to more than just the portal. It’s about the personalized interactions and valuable insights. Providing your Channel Partners with a better, personalized partner experience improves loyalty and drives revenue. We provide a long-term solution focused around content and education. Allowing your channel partners easy access to information and content will also help deliver your brand image in the best possible way.

It’s admittedly difficult to ensure proper education and content delivery when selling through indirect channels. It’s important to utilize Webinfinity to help keep you organized and on track for achieving your goals. Just know that we’re always here to help you make the most of your partner portal. Put the power in your Channel Partner’s hands with Webinfinity.

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David Brannan

Written by David Brannan

David is a results-driven Professional Services Leader with experience in Software as a Service (SaaS) Enterprise Systems implementations and consulting.