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Carissa Mastry

Access to high quality digital brand assets enables the creation of excellent content. Once you plan and create your content, you need to distribute it.

When you position your digital content to reach targeted, local markets, you can generate brand awareness, boost sales, and see significant ROI.

The key is to get that top-notch content in front of the right audience at the right time. Get the most mileage out of your content by strengthening your relationships with your dealers or reselling partners, then using social media automation to reach their customers.

Learn Where Your Audience Spends Their Time

Facebook may be the biggest social media platform with the highest number of active monthly users (nearly 2.5 billion as of early 2020), but that doesn’t mean your target audience is hanging out on that network. Research which social media platforms are most popular among your local markets. For example, within the U.S., rural residents exhibit different behavior on Facebook than urban residents. You will want to be mindful of timezones, too. If you don’t understand your audience’s preferences and location, you won’t know how to best engage with them through your content.

Tailor Content to Local Audiences

Once you’ve analyzed your audience and found where they spend time online, you can adjust your content to fit their preferences.

To tailor your content to local markets, ask yourself questions such as:

  • When is your audience most active on social media? During the week or on the weekend? Morning, afternoon, or nighttime?
  • Does this audience use different words or phrases to describe your product or service?
  • Which local retailers does your audience prefer?
  • What are the most popular local keywords used in the area?
  • What kind of content performs best in this audience?

All audiences are not identical; each local market requires specifically tailored content to engage at its fullest potential.

Repurpose and Reuse Content

Rather than create content for each audience from scratch, savvy marketers adjust and customize content for different audiences. Centralizing the assets helps ensure consistent brand appearance and voice, while leaving room for local targeting. Social media content syndication supports your efforts to adjust content by audience. It lets you repurpose a piece of your own content for different platforms, with small adjustments and scheduled for the best possible time.

For example, a recreational vehicle (RV) brand might notice, when breaking out geography through their website’s analytics, that Class B motorhomes are more popular in metro markets, whereas toy haulers are more popular in their rural markets. They can then choose to create a ‘virtual tour’ for their most popular options in each category. In turn, images from those virtual tours can be turned into a video slideshow social media post, Facebook Live walk-throughs and demos, Instagram stories, and so on.

Automate and Personalize Your Content Distribution with the Right Platforms

How can you reach specific local audiences on social media? Let’s recap:

  • You must analyze your customers and pinpoint where they spend time online.
  • You should know a local audience’s needs, social media habits, language differences, and buying preferences.
  • Make content resources available to local partners to help maintain brand consistency
  • Work with retailers and dealers to tailor your content — and recycle existing content — for local audiences once you understand how each local market is unique.

When you want to make brand resources available to your local dealers, Webinfinity is the perfect solution. Webinfinity-powered dealer portals are purpose-built to deliver the most personalized experience to dealers, resulting in higher dealer engagement with your brand. For brands with dealers and retailers who prefer a more turnkey approach, integrating a tool like ThumbStopper’s Brand Manager into your Webinfinity partner portal can lighten the workload. It automates content distribution to local markets through the partners’ or dealers’ own social media accounts. Once your content is created and adjusted for local audiences, local retailers subscribe and your high quality content goes straight into their social media feeds. Because this is integrated into the overall dealer digital experience, it becomes easy to curate associated promotions or ‘selling’ content for the dealer to complement what is being highlighted in the Thumbstopper-powered social media feed.

Whether you employ one or both of these kinds of tools, you stand to build dealer engagement, earn greater ROI and strengthen relationships with your partner network.

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Carissa Mastry

Written by Carissa Mastry

Carissa is Vice President of Operations at ThumbStopper. Experience in marketing, account management, and finance positions (unorthodox, but true!).