OIT Launches Partner Central

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Elizabeth Chaney

During its Cloud Connection Summit on July 28, OIT lifted the veil for its much-anticipated new partner hub, Partner Central.

Partner Central is designed as a central repository of relevant resources OIT partners need to grow their business.

“The goal of Partner Central is to eliminate the friction for our partners, either in dealing with us, or in engaging their customers. It is a personalized portal organized to simplify the sales, marketing and operations aspects of partners’ businesses.”

– Sean Lardo, VP Partner Development, OIT

Partner Central is well organized for sales, marketing and operations access. Any integrated tools are accessible through single sign on, once again to remove the login/out hassle.

For partner sales reps, a frictionless Request For Quote feature has been configured to make it easy for partners to provide the necessary customer, services and hardware information for specific deal quotes. This is directly connected to the OIT account managers who then turn those quotes into working opportunities, immediately visible on the Quote Request Dashboard. Partners can easily track status of their quote submissions and working opportunities via this dashboard where they can make bi-directional updates from the portal right into OIT Salesforce.

To address key partner needs, OIT has also configured a Sales Prospecting Campaign that guides partners step-by-step with scripts and templates that will accelerate the motion through the sales funnel. On the Sales Hub there is also highly visible access to any sales materials the partners might need to be successful with their prospective deals.

In the marketing area, OIT has integrated Spark Your Channel, a next generation marketing campaign tool that allows partners to personalize compelling video content as well as track its consumption. Partners have access to nurturing campaign and through-partner education materials. Also in the Marketing Hub area, there is quick and easy access to key marketing materials for campaigns and other marketing activities.

For the operations function, the Partner Portals area provides easy access to various OIT operational areas including VOIP University.

“OIT has done a great job configuring a very compelling partner experience with Partner Central,” stated James Hodgkinson, Webinfinity CEO. “ We are confident this will be the beginning of a journey for OIT to create more self-service tools for their partners.”

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Elizabeth Chaney

Written by Elizabeth Chaney

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