Is Your Partner Portal Doing Enough For Your Partners?

[fa icon="calendar"] May 7, 2020 11:49:07 AM / by Elizabeth Chaney

Elizabeth Chaney

The Covid-19 pandemic has certainly focused channel executives on key enablers for improving their channel performance.

In the latest report from The 2112 Group, “Evolving Impact of Covid-19 on Vendor Channel Programs”, the partner portal is the critical element of partner enablement that supports all other enablement resources. See the chart below.

The 2112 Group, Evolving Impact of Covid-19 on Vendor Channel Programs
Source: The 2112 Group, Evolving Impact of Covid-19 on Vendor Channel Programs

Is your partner portal performing well enough to be that first enablement domino to improve your channel program?

Does your current portal technology deliver the capabilities below?

  • Frictionless and unified user experience through the portal into other key partner systems such as learning management systems, partner business planning tools, through channel marketing automation, incentive systems and more.
  • Automated personalization for any type of partner, any user job function, any activity or any geographic location.
  • In-app engagement analytics that easily integrate with visualization dashboards for a 360- degree view of partner performance and engagement.
  • Out-of-the-box connectors to CRM systems and content stored throughout the enterprise to provide your partners rich enablement resources relevant to their task at hand.
  • Best-of-breed application connectivity allowing your partner to easily connect to and engage with new and existing best of breed applications (LMS, MDF, Deal Registration etc.).
  • Continuous collaboration between your partner account managers and their partners in the context of business plan tracking and enablement, incentives and just-in-time communication.
  • No coding or custom build … changes can be made at the speed of your business.

360ecosystems-powered partner portals outperform any other partner portal when compared to the above criteria. We encourage you to schedule a chat with the 360ecosystems Team to discuss best-practices in channel management and portal strategy.

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Elizabeth Chaney

Written by Elizabeth Chaney

I work with businesses marketing directly to consumers, or those looking to forge tighter relationships with other businesses, large, medium or small.