Infosys and Webinfinity Create Dynamic Alliance Partner Management Hub

[fa icon="calendar"] Sep 22, 2020 12:48:49 PM / by James Hodgkinson

James Hodgkinson

Infosys, a next-generation digital services and consulting organization, leads digital transformation initiatives for a global community of clients.

Infosys’ dynamic portfolio of 200+ alliance and ecosystem partners includes enterprise companies with differing capabilities, capacities and relationship characteristics. Key partners include Google, Amazon, Salesforce, Cisco, Microsoft and Hewlett Packard.

To optimize their valuable alliance partner ecosystem, Infosys needs a solution that would automate digital partner engagement in a personalized and contextually relevant way for each partner. Infosys partnered with Webinfinity to deliver a solution for this complex engagement automation problem.

“Webinfinity provides a highly flexible platform making it easy to curate and deliver relevant content and resources on-demand across Infosys’ complex spectrum of alliance partners. In addition to the engagement management solution, Webinfinity’s analytics suite also provides the real time visibility across a multitude of KPI’s related to our alliance partner ecosystem.”

– Scott Krynock, Associate VP for Partner Ecosystem and Alliances, Infosys

The Infosys Alliances and Partner Ecosystem Portal is designed for ease of navigation and the efficient delivery of contextually relevant partner resources, content and performance data. Within the Alliances and Partner Ecosystem Portal, each Infosys alliance partner has a dedicated site. These partner-specific sites include featured content that Infosys client teams and executives need to collaboratively manage effective go-to-market relationships. Additionally, curated alliance-partner-specific news and communications will be automatically provided to all interested parties within the Infosys alliance community.

“We are excited about the potential this alliance partner management portal offers to the Infosys organization,” commented James Hodgkinson, Webinfinity Founder and CEO. “For an organization the size of Infosys, this portal will streamline and simplify the working relationships with each of Infosys’ key alliance partners.”

Building on the foundations of the internal roll out, Infosys will soon extend access to key contacts at alliance partner organizations, providing a unified experience for all required communication and collaboration with Infosys.

Learn more about how Webinfinity solved Infosys engagement challenges.

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James Hodgkinson

Written by James Hodgkinson

As Founder & CEO of Webinfinity and now SVP of 360ecosystems, I have led the development and launch of a game-changing SaaS Ecosystem Engagement Management platform, also known as 360ecosystems!