How Well are Partners Enabled with the Right Touch, at the Right Time?

[fa icon="calendar"] Nov 11, 2017 7:40:26 PM / by Chris Becwar

Chris Becwar

As an admitted channel and marketing geek, it’s always interesting to me to see the flow of new, innovative ideas used in the direct marketing space flow into the channel world.

A great case in point is the practice of mapping customer personas and the buyer’s journey. These approaches have been tablestakes in the direct marketing world for some time, and now the personas and journeys concepts have become all the rage in the channel…it’s how innovative companies are now designing their partner programs and automating them.

This makes huge sense and frankly is long overdue. Deeply clarifying who your partners are and what motivates them - and then using that information to map out how to engage them 1-1 throughout their relationship with you – is now the key to engaging an ecosystem of partners in a scalable yet personalized way. If done right, they will be far more likely to bring your products into their deals and close those deals. It’s about communicating and enabling the right thing, to the right partner, at the right time, to get them selling more, faster.

No one has done a better job than SiriusDecisions in researching and defining best practices around Partner Personas and Partner Journeys. Their models for these things cover all the bases, including handy ‘cheat sheets’ and templates for mapping it all out. And I’m proud to work at the one PRM company that truly applies each channel program’s varying Personas and Journeys into personalized experiences that reflect the unique qualities and needs of every single partner that interacts digitally with you…which these days is about 98% of them.

On November 16th, we’ll be joining Kathy Contreras at Sirius for a webinar on best practices for creating and applying Partner Personas and Journey Maps. We'll also touch on how Webinfinity provides individualized partner experiences, communications and resources based on each user's unique qualities and progression along their journey with you.

Missed the Webinfinity SiriusDecisions Webinar: Building a Foundation for Channel Success with Partner Personas and Journey Mapping? Click here to watch the 55 minute recording and learn how to dramatically accelerate & scale channel growth by leveraging Partner Personas & Journeys as the foundation of your channel enablement strategies.

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Chris Becwar

Written by Chris Becwar

Chris is a Channel and Marketing veteran with expertise in SaaS platforms & indirect routes to market, advising top channel programs on strategy & trends.