F5 Launches New Partner Central Portal for 14,000+ Partner Users

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Elizabeth Chaney

Application innovation is one of the primary accelerators for enterprise digital transformation.

F5 is a key player in this application economy, with its portfolio of essential application services that enable enterprise customers to create, secure and operate adaptive applications.

Partners are central to F5’s growth strategy. Its Unity+ partner program is designed to drive increased partner profitability, rewarding partners for investing in new strategic focus areas and for leveraging F5’s investment in field sales alignment, new partner tools, and flexible training and enablement opportunities.

“Our new Partner Central portal is key to our partner-first strategy. Enabling our partners through personalized experiences aligned with their F5 business goals is critical to increasing their engagement with the company, resulting in increased revenue growth for them and us.”

– Kelly Curnow, Director of Partner Development & Experience, F5

The home hub of Partner Central has been configured so that any individual partner user has everything they need at their fingertips. It is elegantly structured to include access to a significant amount of resources but without making the partner feel overwhelmed.

The Latest Updates section gives partners just-in-time visibility into everything going on at F5 relevant to them and/or their region. The Deal Registration Dashboard is integrated with the F5 Salesforce CRM system. Partner sales teams and F5 partner account managers see what deals are underway, which have been won or lost - keeping all parties in the loop the entire time.

The ability for partners to browse F5 technology alliances is a significant addition to any partner portal. Many customer opportunities require the channel partner to understand the relationships their vendors have with key alliance partners.

The curated resources are structured and tagged to that they are easily accessible for specific user needs. Sales resources are categorized by deployment options, security and ADC services. They are also categorized into subscription-based feeds by solution. The Technical and Marketing hubs make it easy for partners to get to the content relevant for their needs. Similarly, the Program Hub includes information on partner incentives, program details, partner services and Unity+ support. Partners can easily get to accreditation and certification courses as well as on-demand training in the Learning Hub.

“The F5 partner team has done an amazing job in delivering a holistic, relevant and simplified experience for their partners,” comment James Hodgkinson, Webinfinity CEO. “We are looking forward to working with F5 as they further enable their partners in their journey together.”

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