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Elizabeth Chaney

What if a virtual event platform could be easily extended to deliver a highly personalized digital experience for each participant before, during and after the event?

As a marketer, it is my responsibility to explore virtual events 360ecosystems may attend or sponsor. While exploring possible events, I am often surprised by how little attention is focused on the needs and interests of the virtual event participant. I’ve found that the event organizers seem to be more focused on the event itself, as opposed to the experience of the event attendees. This seems like a missed opportunity when you consider the potential advantages and opportunities created by digital events in the current market environment.

What if a virtual event platform could be easily extended to deliver a highly personalized digital experience for each participant before, during and after the event? This digital engagement extension would not replace current virtual event platforms but rather wrap around the existing platform to deliver curated and contextualized experiences for individual conference attendees. Physical conferences can also benefit from this personalization wrapper while increasing the value of the conference digital experience and enabling additional revenue opportunities for conference organizers.

Here are just a couple of scenarios for different types of event participants.



  • Subscription-based onboarding workflow (thank you, registrants list, other speakers, topics, etc.)
  • Registrant connector enabling speakers to easily connect with registrants-of- interest based on event topics (would include recommendations based on topic and speaker focus)
  • Event engagement portal sponsorship (revenue for event organizer)

Business Decision Maker

  • Event ecosystem networker – registrants, exhibitors, sponsors, speakers
  • Calendar bot for meeting pre-scheduling
  • Pre-event library with collections of content in areas of interest for the event



  • Recommended presentations for reference purposes
  • Real-time engagement with contributed content – e.g. sponsor page, etc.
  • Continuous feed with sponsor content commentary

Business Decision Maker

  • Conference library builder and feed based on interests
  • Daily curated pages and collections of content based on registrant information and preferences



  • Embedded access to marketing automation tool that thanks and delivers interesting content to business decision makers
  • ROI dashboard from the conference incorporating engagement with speaker/sponsor content, attendance at session, ability to launch automated thank you for attending session from speaker/sponsor

Business Decision Maker

  • Subscription to collection of preferred conference content with ability for additional sponsorship opportunity.

As described in the table above with just two different types of conference participants, there is ample opportunity for conference experience enhancement with personalized content and contact options. Some of these engagement options also can enable revenue opportunities for the conference organizer.

What if you could add participant engagement without making changes to the platform you are using to manage your virtual events? Contact us for more information on how 360ecosystems can make this work.

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Elizabeth Chaney

Written by Elizabeth Chaney

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