Everbridge Launches New Partner Portal – Key to Their Partner Program

[fa icon="calendar"] Oct 27, 2020 12:27:49 PM / by James Hodgkinson

James Hodgkinson

In 2020, Everbridge is focused on building out its partner program.

A foundational element of this is to ensure that each partner experiences only what is relevant to what they are selling, who they are, and where they are in the sales lifecycle. The new Everbridge partner portal is designed to achieve this goal.

“We are excited about our new Webinfinity-powered partner portal as it is capable of delivering a personalized experience to each of our partners. As our partner program expands with more partners specializing in specific industries and solutions, we can give them just the relevant resources they need.”

– Amy Jones, VP Partner Marketing, Everbridge

The Everbridge partner hub is simply configured to enable highly visible and easy access to the spectrum of Everbridge resources. A Sales Hub offers the sales resources needed to open doors and to work the sales funnel. Sales reps also can easily register their deals and manage their opportunities through the bi-directional integration with the Everbridge Salesforce CRM. This is supported by a workflow to track and change status on their deals as well as to add collaborators on specific deals from both Everbridge and their own sales teams.

The Technical Hub is the focal repository for technical teams to quickly get help or to access the tools and resources they require to offer pre-sales and post-sales technical support. The Marketing Hub is there for partner marketing and sales teams to easily get to campaigns in the Campaign Center, as well as blogs, white papers, webinars and brochures.

“This partner portal is just the beginning of our global partner program expansion,” continued Jones. “Webinfinity’s flexibility gives us the ability to add new functionality and new application connectors our partners will require in the future.”

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James Hodgkinson

Written by James Hodgkinson

As Founder & CEO of Webinfinity and now SVP of 360ecosystems, I have led the development and launch of a game-changing SaaS Ecosystem Engagement Management platform, also known as 360ecosystems!