Does Your Partner Portal Enable Partner Success?

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Elizabeth Chaney

Your portal success benchmark – 1) Can partners do business with your company more easily; 2) Will partners be able to grow their business with your company more effectively.

What are your partner success indicators?

  • Registering and tracking their deals. The more you can make your portal the primary workspace for partners to easily sell and track their success in closing deals the better. Can they come onto their main workspace hub, easily input data for new opportunities with the assurance that it will update the existing CRM system? They should also be able to easily track their deals by size, status or any other configurable filter.
  • Picking up and converting leads. The partner should also be able to track leads they have picked up combined with the associated demos or presentation collateral right there so they can convert it quickly and easily to a working deal.
  • Having content at their fingertips curated for a specific opportunity. Instead of always looking for content they think they will need to sell a particular solution, eliminate the discovery steps and curate the specific content recommended for each stage of their sales process. But also recognize the veteran partners’ need to see more in easily accessed and dynamically updated content categories available for further exploration if so needed.
  • Tracking certifications and special training against program requirements. Partner organizations make significant investments in fulfilling certification and training requirements to remain in good standing with your partner program. Enabling them to easily track certifications and training completions in the context of their current and aspirational program requirements makes it easier for them to calculate the ROI of their relationship. Imagine, with the completion of a certificate or training course, having the sales content automatically available for that partner user to go sell without having to find what they need!
  • Seeing a list of promotions/incentives to leverage to make more money. Ideally, the partner data is available to your portal so promotion content will automatically be accessible to eligible partners as they register the deal or in the context of an individual opportunity.
  • Seeing only content that maps to their sales and business objectives. It is much easier if partners see content that is relevant to their business, and their sales objectives. So if they are selling specific types of solutions, they should see content relevant to those, rather than the entire portfolio of content that could scale into the tens of thousands of items.

E3 Success Dashboard Dials

In essence, your partner success dashboard should have 3 dials …

  1. Easy
    Making it really easy for the partner to self-service, easy to sell, easy to take advantage of incentives and rewards.
  2. Efficient
    Delivering content, data and items of interest relevant to specific partner goals, deals and business models – less is more!
  3. Effective
    Enabling the first two will make the partner relationship effective, successfully growing the business on both sides.

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Elizabeth Chaney

Written by Elizabeth Chaney

I work with businesses marketing directly to consumers, or those looking to forge tighter relationships with other businesses, large, medium or small.