Do You Have an Agile Approach to Partner Success?

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Elizabeth Chaney

Many channel organizations when asked about their partner success initiatives immediately list their three or four key performance indicators (KPIs).

These key performance indicators are centered around:

  1. growing their partner base
  2. reduceing time to revenue from a new partner
  3. increasing overall channel revenue for the company

Less common are responses that are partner-centered, about their partners’ key performance indicators they have for each of their vendors.

We’ll focus on the key metric most partners have for their vendors – make it easy for us to do business with you. This of course results in increased revenue, but what are the various ways vendors can make it easier for their partners. This is where a focus on partner experience moments is key. Are you using an agile approach in your partner experience process much the same as you do in your product development processes?

In recruiting new partners you want to make it easy for new partners to sign up. Imagine the impression if in a few minutes after the introductory conversation, the meeting participants receive a link to a customized communication page with three key items – more about the program, how they will make money (and with how much effort), the sign-up form with key contact information.

After sign up, many companies have a distinct onboarding phase, in which there may be significant guidance for the partner. But what happens after that? Shouldn’t this guidance occur throughout the relationship, even if there is not dedicated manager to oversee its delivery? What often happens is the partner is left to sort through the vendor’s portfolio to determine where their focus will be.

Instead, perhaps a more agile approach oriented towards where your partners are in their journey with you and your type of solutions would make it easier for your partners to do business with you? Perhaps a simple repeatable guided approach, small and more often. For instance –

  1. Introduction to key solutions aligned to your partners’ business and market focus.
  2. Provide basic training and enablement materials in the context of how your partners do business so they can be successful quickly
  3. Assign a few leads so they can immediately be successful.
  4. Repeat with other key solutions, promotions and campaigns, (in bite-sized pieces), all in the context of your partners’ business.

Two things are required on the vendor side to enable this agile approach to partner enablement. The first is a substantive understanding of your partners’ business – where they focus, where they are most successful, how they enable that success within their markets and organizations. The second is an experience platform that can intelligently automate the delivery of a relevant experience (with content and transactional information) oriented to where they are in their journey AND in the context of where they are in the deal.

Are you ready for agile partner enablement?

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Elizabeth Chaney

Written by Elizabeth Chaney

I work with businesses marketing directly to consumers, or those looking to forge tighter relationships with other businesses, large, medium or small.