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Chris Becwar

Webinfinity platform a major boon to efforts around partner engagement, enablement and revenue growth.

It seems like yesterday in 2017 when we shared that Snowflake had adopted Webinfinity to help take their partner program to the next level.


Time marches on, and since then, Snowflake has only accelerated their exciting growth, quickly expanding their partner ecosystem and taking on numerous mind-bogglingly large rounds of cash from excited investors.

I recently sat down with Uday Keshavdas, Senior Director of Alliances at Snowflake, and his team to discuss Snowflake’s experience of Webinfinity, how they are leveraging the platform to enable and engage partners, and what impacts they are seeing.

Uday and team wanted something that they could start small with and would easily scale as they scaled. Whatever they chose needed to be:

  • Easy and fast to stand up and implement, without the custom dev projects
  • Truly modern SaaS architecture and approach, with strong configurability
  • Must ‘play well with others’ and seamlessly sync with Salesforce and the rest of their tech stack
  • Affordable
  • Highly secure and performant globally
  • Easy and fast for a non-technical team member to curate and manage
  • Clean and modern look and feel

Given these requirements, Webinfinity was deemed the logical best choice.

Since implementation, the team has found the platform a major boon to efforts around partner engagement, enablement and revenue growth.

A few areas stand out as especially helpful for the team:

Sales Collaboration

The growth in deal reg program engagement has been staggering. “After just 6 months of using Webinfinity, total dollar amounts registered was up 5x from the prior year. We’ve seen a huge spike in revenue go through deal registration (in terms of both usage and transaction totals),” said Uday.

Integration with Other Systems

“Because Webinfinity integrates so well with Salesforce, it’s very easy to set up automated, integrated workflows in conjunction with not only Salesforce, but other ‘best of breed’ systems, like automating our new partner contracting process through workflows and triggers with Docusign.”


The team has seen other exciting growth trends. Usage averages across the first 6 months vs. the second 6 months showed exciting increases in partner engagement and usage across the board:

  1. Unique user sessions increased by 78%
  2. Total user sessions per month increased by 100%
  3. Page views went up by 81%
  4. Content views increased by 87%



But ultimately, it’s about revenue lift and that’s where the results were jaw dropping: a 5x increase in registered deals and through-partner revenue year-over-year post implementation.

For the full detail on Snowflake’s use of Webinfinity, you can find the full case study here. And for a closer look on how Webinfinity can help you drive your partner program objectives, contact us today.

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Chris Becwar

Written by Chris Becwar

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