Business Portals are Critical Connections to Your Stakeholders

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Elizabeth Chaney

Portals designed to drive partner engagement, employee engagement, and customer engagement, should become a business-critical system in your arsenal.

During this chaotic time, it is imperative to digitally connect with your ecosystem of stakeholders.

  • Interacting with customers is now more challenging
  • Keeping partners on track with mutual business plans is increasingly difficult while your partners work to sustain their businesses
  • Up-to-the-minute connection and communication to/through suppliers is business critical given the delays in the global supply ecosystem
  • Continuously engaging remote workers is even more important as employers navigate the recent business disruption

Can your business portals automatically personalize the critical connections your ecosystem needs to be effective?

Business portals have traditionally been designed to satisfy specific transactional needs. For example, businesses utilize support portals for customer and partner support. Business have also used order management portals for order creation and tracking as well as intranet portals to connect employees with the tools they need to carry out their jobs. Most of these legacy portals have been custom-built, with the interfaces implemented through traditional website technologies or custom-coded from scratch.

Many of these portals are not connected to one another creating a silo of critical operational applications. Legacy portals are not personalized to deliver relevant information and resources to specific job roles, with each role requiring different information. Few portals manage multi-lingual content, serving the right translations to those individuals preferring their native language. And how many existing portals integrate a flexible workflow to digitally streamline a variety of business processes?

Imagine the spectrum of portal use cases that are feasible with an engagement platform designed to deliver personalized experiences – intelligently by job role, geography and activity.

  • Virtual Events. Logically, virtual events have become the norm in these days of Covid-19. Imagine extending these virtual events to deliver relevant content and contacts for different types of attendees while driving personalized engagement during, and most importantly, after the event – all from one easy-to-configure engagement solution.
  • Imagine an engagement portal solution so easily configurable that these robust and personalized virtual events might transcend the simple point-in-time webinars we know today.
  • Strategic Account-Based Marketing. Staying connected with strategic accounts has traditionally been the purview of high-performing sales teams. Account-based marketing initiatives, designed to support these account development efforts, need significant persona targeting and collaboration to be effective. Imagine an engagement solution that can be quickly configured with stakeholder-relevant content, contacts, applications and system connections that can address the whole of a user’s business needs.
  • Imagine an engagement portal solution so easily configurable that it becomes an extension of strategic account management, enabling collaboration and personalization on a continuous basis while aligning key milestones and deliverables to the strategic account objectives.
  • Employee Intranets. Intranets typically are expensive endeavors, and once implemented, they tend to be static and inflexible. This is in stark contrast to the continually changing business environment these intranets claim to support.
  • Imagine an engagement portal that can be quickly modified to empower dynamic business environments. Envision an employee engagement portal connecting employees to the relevant content, tools, systems and applications required to deliver their best work.

Imagine 360ecosystems– every business portal you will ever need.

360ecosystems, a SaaS-based solution, has been designed for infinite flexibility and personalization. The solution’s no-code approach makes the platform simple to configure allowing you to easily curate the experiences necessary to engage diverse stakeholder personas. 360ecosystems connected application approach also simplifies access to all business-critical systems and applications increasing efficiency for important stakeholders. 360ecosystems flexibility further supports broad based knowledge sharing allowing thought leaders to curate experiences for different stakeholder personas.

Challenge us with your business portal use case!

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Elizabeth Chaney

Written by Elizabeth Chaney

I work with businesses marketing directly to consumers, or those looking to forge tighter relationships with other businesses, large, medium or small.