Activating Engagement Data in Real Time to Personalize User Experience

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James Hodgkinson

Enterprise digital transformation is the driving force behind a broad re-design of business processes.

In 2019, the percentage of companies advancing transformative initiatives was approximately 70%. The COVID-19 crisis has likely accelerated many of these efforts, driving an increased investment in digital transformation.

There are three critical requirements underpinning the challenge of digital transformation:
  • The ability to connect data infrastructure to reveal a 360-degree view of any type of digital use
  • The ability to securely operationalize data at the individual engagement level
  • The ability to dynamically and automatically manage the supply of any type of resource to any type of stakeholder in the context of any required task

What is the Value of Engagement Data?

Because engagement is the currency of the digital enterprise, the ability to track engagement as rigorously as monetary currency is paramount.

The data of engagement is comprised of the actions taken by any type of enterprise stakeholder - whether in the context of a specific transaction or workflow, use of content, user collaboration, or access to specific systems or tools. Here are some examples:

Visibility into a specific sales motion by a sales associate and a customer connected through an engagement portal. Imagine having the ability to track the outcome of a shared resource distributed to specific individuals, supported by the intelligence to guide follow-up decisions and next steps. Imagine having this visibility aggregated across an entire global sales team or across a set of customer accounts. This engagement between the sales associate and the customer decision maker (when coupled with deal outcome data from the enterprise CRM), draws a very actionable picture for what’s working and what isn’t in the sales process.

Visibility into a set of specific external partners or dealers connected to one or multiple vendors through an engagement portal. Imagine having the ability to track engagement within partner or dealer programs through consumption of curated content, tools and resources. Imagine having visibility into the supply and demand of your company’s resources which ultimately stimulate dealer and partner engagement for your program. The combination of engagement data and partner sales data will provide a distinct advantage to companies with the ability to capture and analyze such valuable information.

Visibility into the engagement of different types of attendees participating in an event, whether physical or virtual. Imagine the power of an industry event combined with a digital engagement layer that intelligently aligns the supply of breakouts, videos, digital giveaways, and contact information to the demand needs of different types of event participants. Digital engagement would take place prior to, during and after the event. Engagement data will provide the insight required to allow diverse participants (attendees, exhibitors and sponsors) to maximize the value of current and future events. The concept of an attendee-centric event was recently highlighted as we navigate this world of endless “Zooming”.

360ecosystems Engagement Intelligence

Engagement analytics are an integral part of 360ecosystems Engagement Management platform. Engagement data is constantly captured and revealed in all 360ecosystems-powered portals. Consumption of content, tools, and resources along with workflow usage and collaborative initiatives are all measured and analyzed as a standard feature of the 360ecosystems platform.

360ecosystems recently announced the ability to securely embed BI tools providing even greater insight into partner and dealer programs.

See more information on 360ecosystems engagement analytics or contact the 360ecosystems team to discuss how engagement data can add value to your business.

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James Hodgkinson

Written by James Hodgkinson

As Founder & CEO of Webinfinity and now SVP of 360ecosystems, I have led the development and launch of a game-changing SaaS Ecosystem Engagement Management platform, also known as 360ecosystems!