AchieveUnite's Partner LifeTime Value Survey

[fa icon="calendar"] Jul 16, 2018 8:09:35 AM / by Chris Becwar

Chris Becwar

If there's one thing the Webinfinity team loves to 'geek out' about it's research into what makes partner programs - and partner engagement - tick.

So when we heard about the study that the University of Glasgow has teamed up with AchieveUnite on, we took notice. They are researching the relationship between vendor loyalty and partner management, and the value of long-term partnerships.

This study is sure to reveal from very valuable insights for partner team professionals. So if you work in the partner program team at a technology or telecom company, we encourage you to take their 5-minute survey. Everyone that participates gets first access to the summary of their findings, so it will be a win-win for all involved.

Complete the survey to see how your program measures up.

Topics: Partner Portals, Partner Ecosystem, Partner Communities

Chris Becwar

Written by Chris Becwar

Chris is a Channel and Marketing veteran with expertise in SaaS platforms & indirect routes to market, advising top channel programs on strategy & trends.