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AvidXchange is the leading provider of accounts payable and payment automation software for middle market companies. The company has seen a staggering rate of growth since its founding in 2000.

In 2018, the company was ranked as one of the fastest growing businesses in North America by Deloitte for a fifth year in a row, surpassing 1,200 employees across five U.S. locations.

Partners are a core driver of AvidXchange’s growth and reach. The company’s partner ecosystem includes a mix of key partner types:

  • Referral Partners: Other leading SaaS providers who share a common goal of creating efficiencies for businesses by automating key financial processes.
  • Value Added Resellers (VAR): Deliver on-demand invoice and payment automation solutions.
  • Strategic alliance with Mastercard: Through its partnership with Mastercard, financial institutions can offer their clients a complete end-to-end AP automation tool suite including invoice processing, approval workflows, payment processing, a vendor portal and integration capabilities with more 158 accounting systems.
  • Bank and accounting system partners: Resell AvidXchange solutions or refer deals to AvidXchange.

The Challenge

In 2016, Sr. Partner Marketing Manager Brittany Shelley and her partner team identified a need to improve how the company was engaging and supporting its quickly growing partner ecosystem.

Inefficient and disconnected partner engagement

The online systems the team was relying on to support the partner program were disconnected, and partner inquiries and collaboration were largely relegated to one-off email exchanges and phone-based interactions. Partner collaboration efforts were laborious and inefficient. The CRM system housed partner information, but it was insufficient. As a result, partner adoption of these systems was low.

According to Brittany, “Our marketing team needed a more centralized and user-centric system for sales enablement, training, and lead visibility. Without it, there were too many one-off email exchanges taking up everyone’s time. It’s critical that partners have the most up to date resources and information, as the marketing and product teams update them. We also needed to support building out enablement to our different partner tiers and personas.”

Uncoordinated deal management and collaboration

Additionally, given the complex realities of jointly selling financial solutions in a regulated space, joint selling was complicated. AvidXchange needed to establish strong, clear-cut parameters for deal ownership.

Brittany added, “Our Alliance Managers own the relationship with partners, but once a lead is submitted, our sales reps own individual leads. Our previous systems made it difficult for everyone to stay coordinated as deals moved through the pipeline.”

Inefficient Communication

AvidXchange updated its partners on a regular basis pointing out new and revised resources, all via individual emails. Email views were difficult to track or to follow up.

“Our systems didn’t do an adequate job of putting the right resources in front of the right people when needed, so it was a heavily manual process to field one-off requests and email new content resources to different users and audiences,” Brittany stated.

How AvidXchange looked to address these challenges

The list below details AvidXchange’s requirements for addressing these challenges.

  1. Centralized deal management and collaboration, with a more structured, guided and reliable process that provides visibility and deal protection.
  2. Ability to deliver different resources and experiences to different partner types and user roles.
  3. Very user friendly and simple to navigate.
  4. Easy scalability and integration with complementary systems that enable growth of the business and partner program.
  5. No coding required to make system changes.

The 360ecosystem SolutionAvidXchange-Screen


Targeted partner enablement

With 360ecosystem, different partners enjoy a more targeted and relevant experience, increasing engagement and most importantly enablement. “Working with 360ecosystem to implement a system that would meet all of our partner needs was an extremely beneficial experience for us… 360ecosystem exceeded our expectations by providing our team with resources and support needed to take our partner channel to the next level. They not only helped facilitate a more targeted mindset for our partner enablement, but they gave us the tools to put that segmentation to work. Now each partner can receive the appropriate level of access and resources needed to meet their needs,” commented Brittany.

Tight Salesforce integration

360ecosystem also worked closely with the AvidXchange team to ensure tight Salesforce CRM integration was achieved quickly.

Automated and scalable platform

360ecosystem eliminates significant manual work, while enabling AvidXchange to scale. Without it, things would be extremely manual for AvidXchange teams in terms of working collaboratively with partners - manual CRM entry, significant one-off email correspondence and status updates, and out of date spreadsheets. Both partners and AvidXchange staff now have easy visibility across the entire sales motion.

Efficient and consistent alliance partner enablement

Strategic alliances with major global banking partners are growing in importance for AvidXchange. Comprising a mix of resellers and referral partners, these relationships typically involve multiple partner entities collaborating on a deal in parallel.

“Given the stringent process and brand requirements of these alliances, we needed to enforce strong, clear-cut parameters for deal ownership,” said Garrett Astler, AvidXchange’s Bank Channel Manager.

360ecosystem’s platform flexibility enables AvidXchange to maintain reseller partners’ brand integrity between the various portals we’re setting up that enable easy collaboration and visibility between the different various parties involved with a deal.

360ecosystem serves as the framework to honor and execute on those rules. It solves deal protection issues that could delay or even kill a deal. 360ecosystem also makes it more efficient for AvidXchange partners by ensuring they are alerted if someone else already has priority on an individual lead.

“Some of our white label reseller relationships in the banking space have major global brands to protect and thus require online experience that faithfully honor their design requirements,” continued Garret. “We’ve appreciated 360ecosystem’s ability to easily adjust the look and feel for individual bands as needed.”

“The tight integration with Salesforce was a key driver of this initiative and something that’s made our lives so much easier since we’ve stood it up,” said Garrett.

Delivering Results


Improved Usability

Improved Usability

Individual partner users can now quickly get to what they need to work with AvidXchange solutions.

Automated Co-Branding

Automated Co-Branding

AvidXchange’s credibility as a true strategic partner has increased through its ability to deliver a polished co-branded experience.

Easier Training Access

Easier Training Access

Partners can easily share training materials throughout their organizations. In addition, access to deep dive training materials is significantly easier.

Targeted Sales Enablement

Targeted Sales Enablement

AvidXchange can now target “campaigns in a box”, ebooks and white papers to address specific partner customer challenges.



The 360ecosystem system dynamically and automatically enables system integrations and other product information to be kept current and available.

Easy Additions & Maintenance

Easy Additions & Maintenance

The 360ecosystem solution makes it easy to upload specific, targeted resources in a way that ensures they only seen by necessary partners facing certain situations.

Looking to the Future

AvidXchange has big plans for its 360ecosystem-powered partner enablement solution. Its highest priorities are to increase partner activations, ensure all leads are submitted through the portal, and supporting the training needs of the alliance partner reps.

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